Lenovo Q1 earnings are in, mobile sales beat PC

Lenovo has just posted its first quarter earning and the numbers are quite telling. Not only did it beat profit forecasts, it has also given more evidence of a declining PC business as smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous and user friendly.

Qualcomm Q3 2013 earnings show record numbers, again

If you're the proud owner of almost any flagship smartphone from the past year, it's likely running a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor under that HD display. Samsung and their Galaxy S3 and S4, the HTC One, LG's Nexus 4 and many other devices are all powered by Qualcomm, which is one of many reasons they've (yet again) had record sales and revenue for the Q3 earnings report this year.

Larry Page confirms 1.5 million Android devices are activated daily

In case you missed the usual boring earnings call by good old Google today, they've been making plenty of cash. While we'll talk more on that later, we wanted to mention some Android numbers because as usual Larry was on the earnings call shouting them out. I'm just excited to know that soon enough Android will reach that magical 1 billion point. That's impressive!

Samsung profits up and HTC profits down, with work needed from both

We are getting a look at upcoming earnings reports from both Samsung and HTC and they are each telling opposite stories. While the details for both Samsung and HTC are unaudited, they should match up closely with the official details that will be revealed later in the month. With that in mind, Samsung is showing a year-over-year profit increase of 47 percent while HTC is showing a year-over-year profit decrease of 83 percent.
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