Collect characters and conquer the other side in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”

Fans of Star Wars cannot wait for the new movie yet to be released in December. That's less than four months of waiting but while anticipating for that one, you may want to add this new game from EA Mobile to the list of cool things to look forward to. Sorry but this announcement may frustrate you further but remember that good things come to those who wait. This and the movie? Just wait patiently and I guarantee that you'll have a rocking Christmas.

Help these despicable characters build their Minions paradise

The Minions are absolutely adorable that Illumination Entertainment decided to star them in their own movie. Set for release this July, the Minions movie is expected to draw millions of fans all over the world. But before the film hits the movie theaters, let's play around with the Minions in this new mobile game called Minions Paradise from EA.

Peggle Blast bursts with all colors, magic, and rainbows

Electronic Arts wants to bring us some holiday cheer by releasing the latest PopCap game called Peggle Blast. It's not a Christmas-focused game but the theme music reminds me of the season as it's a bit cheery and festive with bells ringing.

SimCity BuildIt simulation game heads to Android

One of the most popular simulation games that EA has for computer gamers is SimCity. This is the game where you get to build up your city, its infrastructure, and you can then destroy it with natural disasters if you want. Fans of SimCity will be excited to hear that EA is bringing a new SimCity game called SimCity BuildIt to Android.

Battlefield 4 Commander companion app marches into Android

Battlefield 4 may give you your adrenaline-pumping fix, but the game also offers a different perspective for those who wish a more strategic gaemplay. Now with the Commander companion app, players or their friends can take on the role of a Commander to rally troops and battle it out with brains over brawn.

FIFA 14 lands on Google Play Store

It may be NFL season, but that's not going to stop fans of soccer, what the rest of the world calls football, from having fun. EA Sports' FIFA 14 mobile game is now available from Google Play Store and features improved graphics and tablet-optimized controls that will let players take their football fantasy games wherever they go.

Madden NFL 25 available now for Android

If you're a die-hard Football or NFL fan we have some excellent news for you this afternoon. The folks from EA Sports have surprised us all and released Madden NFL 25 for Android to the Google Play Store, and it's completely free. Watch out for the Madden curse and make sure you have enough space for this 1.08GB download, then read on for more details.

EA and Mythic to release Dungeon Keeper for Android this winter

Dungeon Keeper is heading to Android. The news comes by way of EA and Mythic who have said the game should be available some time "this winter." As of now they have yet to offer anything more specific for the release timeframe, however they have said this game will arrive as a "twisted new take" on the "cult classic strategy game."
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