Mailbox Review: achieving email zen

Before Dropbox made headlines by giving a board seat to Condoleezza Rice, it somewhat rocked the Android world by unleashing some of its apps to the masses, including the already popular Mailbox app. Now we take an in-depth look at this email client that wants to change the way you think about and handle your mail.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside says departure “was not an easy decision”

News of Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside leaving for Dropbox arrived earlier this morning. Given the original report came courtesy of The Wall Street Journal there wasn't much room for doubt, but with that in mind, it is still good to see the confirmation direct from the source. Dennis Woodside recently posted a departure notice on the Motorola blog, calling this a difficult decision.

Dropbox adds easy folder sharing on Android

Dropbox has just rolled out an update to its Android app that brings it up to par with a feature that the service has already offered for some time now. Starting with the latest Dropbox for Android version, users will be able to share folders with other Dropbox users right from within their Android device.
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