Drag and drop links to Dropbox in latest update

How we save and organize the links we want to save (in order to not have a hundred windows open on your web browser) has evolved the past years. We started out with saving said links in your notepad or a word doc, then bookmarking became a thing, and then finally now, we have apps that can help us like Pocket, Flipboard, Zite, etc. Now, Dropbox wants to join in the URL-saving fun as you can now drag and drop links that you want to save and access on all your devices.

Dropbox finally adapts Material Design for its Android app

Just like Todoist which we talked about earlier today, Dropbox is one of the biggest apps that has taken its sweet time in finally adapting the Material Design visual guidelines that Google introduced last year in preparation for Android 5.0 Lollipop. A lot of the apps have already tweaked their looks and UI based on this but some of the hold-outs included the popular cloud storage service app. Until now, that is.

Dropbox adds File Request feature, gather photos and docs on cloud

Cloud storage is here to stay. Together with music streaming, saving files online on your cloud folders will become the standard. I know some people who no longer save their important files on their local drives but just go to the cloud for storage and future access. Dropbox is one of the more widely used these days that even bigger corporations depend on it. While uploading files to Dropbox is easy and convenient, sharing them to other people can be a challenge. Or if you're the one trying to get a file, it can be more difficult because you need to search through numerous email attachments, messages, or folders available.

Unclouded is your cloud storage manager, brings MEGA support

We can just imagine how your cloud storage accounts look like, we know it’s kind of a mess to keep up with because ours is exactly in the same boat. A productivity app called “Unclouded” claims to be able to bring some semblance of order into all of this, managing your cloud storage accounts and giving you features that are supposed to make your life easier.

Mailbox for Android receives Material Design update

Long before there was Inbox by Gmail, the whole app that started us going for a zero inbox as one of our digital goals was Dropbox' own Mailbox. When it finally arrived on Android devices, we were quite pleased that getting rid of those 2,000+ emails was going to be easier now while using our mobile gadgets. The latest update to the app now makes it look like a true-blue Google app, at least in certain aspects.

Dropbox update: open shared links in the app

Dropbox has become an essential tool for people who mostly work from their mobile offices (aka their smartphone or laptop) as it allows you the freedom to access files that you normally would have to get from your desktop or laptop previously. Every new update to the cloud service is awaited by users, and this new one, while not a major update, can be pretty useful, especially if you're in a hurry.
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