Verizon DroidLanding Augmented Reality game leaks – phone might be MIA

Yesterday, the extremely popular but silent for the past year Twitter account @DroidLanding woke up and started tweeting. The Verizon branded and ran Twitter account has been used to promote their phones in the past, and many were immediately excited about an upcoming "DROID" smartphone on Verizon. There could still be a phone coming, but many believe this activation of the account was only to hype a new game by Verizon, and now we have it.

Verizon DROID smartphone incoming as ‘DroidLanding’ initiates [Update]

Oh snap, what do we have here? For all you longtime readers and Verizon fans, the extremely popular @DroidLanding Twitter page (official by the way) has been a source for upcoming Verizon DROID smartphones for a long time. Dating back to the DROID X, Motorola DROID 2/3, and much more. The promotional Twitter page has been silent since the original DROID RAZR in November of 2011, and today it has fired up again and has our interest seriously piqued.

DROID RAZR Scavenger hunt and Extraction games are live, win one now

I'm sure many of you have been following along the many scavenger hunt games in the past, but now the time for the DROID RAZR is finally here. The folks at @DroidLanding have started the first round for the DROID RAZR scavenger hunt so be sure and follow them for all the details. The DroidDoes.com site has also been initiated with a game of its own. The details are still a bit blurry but once everything gets under way we'll be sure to update everyone.

Motorola Droid Bionic Live on DroidDoes.com and DroidLanding has been initiated [Video]

It is that time again everyone. The DroidDoes.com and @DroidLanding sites have both been initiated for the Motorola DROID Bionic. This go around Verizon will be having what appears to be a scavenger hunt for the Droid Bionic. What they are calling this is ARena. It will be a Augmented Reality scavenger hunt and they will be giving away tons of Droid Bionic phones to lucky winners as usual.