Fruit Ninja for Android free today on Amazon Appstore

For those that thought the Amazon free app a day would just be a gimmick and nothing good would come from it. I think you've been shown otherwise since the launch of the appstore. This little trick to get attention seems to be working on me at least. For those that didn't know, Amazon has released an Appstore for Android. They've gave away exclusive games like Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and more away for free. I like it.

Gameloft releases Asphalt 6 for Android

It looks as if Gameloft has quietly released the much anticipated racing game Asphalt 6 for Android recently. I've not heard anything about it. I didn't see it posted on @GameloftAndroid on twitter or anything. I'm not sure why it was such a quiet launch, but at least it is finally here. I think they are still working on it as not all phones can get it yet. I tried for the Atrix and the site said it was not released for that device yet.

ScoreLoop encourages iOS defection to Android

Social gaming network ScoreLoop is trying to tempt iOS game developers to join the wave and port all their games over to the Android platform. As part of their "Go Android" campaign, ScoreLoop is offering to help iOS gaming developers by providing support free of charge to any developers who wish to port their games over. In addition, ScoreLoop will also provide social gaming tools to make the transition smoother. ScoreLoop also offers features such as Leaderboards, Social challenges, Virtual Currency, and even Friend finding.

Real Life Risk, QonqR coming soon to Android

If you are like me, you like the game Risk. I've played it since as early as I can remember, like back on board games even. It has been out in one form or another for most platforms and gaming consoles too. A group of Minnesota-based developers and friends submitted a unique app idea to the Twin Cities Startup Weekend, a local competition that challenges entrepreneurs and developers to build a prototype business over the course of a single weekend.

Android Gaming: Vendetta Online for Tegra 2

Vendetta Online looks to be an amazing game, Brought to us by Guild Software. Android Gaming is about to get much more exciting over the next few weeks and months. With the onslaught of Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core phones and tablets things are surely to get interesting. Tegra 2 is a very powerful Dual Core 1 Ghz processor as you all know, and it will be one of the main factors in taking Android gaming to the next level and more as we prepare to start the rise to beat iPhone in gaming.