Motorola Droid X2 with Tegra 2 and high-res qHD Display confirmed again

Motorola has the popular Droid lineup that keeps getting better and better. With phones like the Droid, Droid2, the X, and now the Bionic on its way. They are all good phones but other than the Atrix Motorola hasn't shed much light on future phones and specs. Usually benchmarks don't give tons of information but we've recently found a story about a Droid X running some benchmark software that showed some unusual specs. A dual-core Tegra 2 and a high-res qHD display instead of the usual 854x480. Interesting news.

Verizon DROID X2 leak tips smaller memory card not refreshed phone

Motorola's DROID X is getting on, but it seems the replacement Motorola DROID X2 may not be a huge improvement. An SCK Kiosks (a subsidiary of Radio Shack) tipster has sent in a screenshot from the company's internal systems that tips the DROID X2 as merely a DROID X with a 2GB pre-loaded memory card rather than a 16GB card. According to the leak, the DROID X2 is more of a shorthand to differentiate the models in the system, rather than a truly new version. It will be priced the same as the original, and there's no talk of the Tegra 2 processor and other specs in the last leak. Motorola may have boosted internal storage to counter the smaller memory card, but it seems that this is merely a cheaper way to ship the original DROID X now that the smartphone is ageing. [Thanks anonymous tipster!]

Droid X2 getting evaluated by the FCC?

It's always entertaining when those on the web stalk the FCC and the patent office for sneak peaks as to what gadgets are coming. But often, there's some useful intel that comes as a result. The latest listing on the FCCs website that the Droid X2 may be coming is a case in point. The listing, which has a 180 day confidentiality letter, included tells of a Motorola CDMA phone that handles EVDO, BLuetooth, and wireless bands b-n. Since it's CDMA and Motorola, that usually points to Verizon's way, but is it really the Droid X2 that everyone is talking about? Inquiring minds want to know.

Droid X2 Successor Codenamed Daytona, Shipping in May with Tegra 2?

Motorola is a key player in the current Android market. With powerful devices such as the BIONIC and Atrix on track to release this year, many are wondering what will be their next product. It seems that it will indeed be the successor to the DROID X which is currently in development under the codename "Daytona."
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