Droid X

Droid Does Website Leaks Droid X 2.2 Update Information

Well it looks like what we knew was coming is now semi-official. The popular Droid Does website that Verizon Wireless itself pushes updates to has now been seen to have prematurely released a splash page detailing “great news” that is the 2.2 update for the Droid X.

Download Droid X 2.2.13 Froyo Upgrade (For rooted users, for now)

The next release of Froyo for the Motorola Droid X has been leaked to the internet with instructions to download to your rooted device. The download is relatively easy and documented with step by step instructions thanks to the forum users Andrew, CellZealot, and P3Droid over at MyDroidWorld who made this leak possible.

Droid X Has A Custom Rom, And Where Is The Google Voice Widget?

Motorola said that it can't be done, the Droid X is on lock down and no custom ROMS will be loaded. Well, it looks like we are seeing something different here. The Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM has been loaded and spied running on a Droid X, and if you would like more details on the ROM head on over to the Sapphire site, here.

Motorola Updates Android Upgrade Timeline

Each time Motorola updates their Android upgrade timeline, it manages to make headlines. Not surprising, considering that every time it happens, something interesting changes. This time around, though, it takes the cake. Just weeks after we reported that Motorola was still wondering whether or not they'd even take time out of their day to upgrade the Motorola Milestone to Android 2.2, they've now decided to go ahead and do it.

Motorola Droid X Now Features Clockwork Recovery

One feature that wasn't listed with the Droid X, was Clockwork Recovery. Why? Because Motorola doesn't want you to root your phone and do whatever you want to it. They went as far as to add that pesky eFuse aspect, and ever since, folks have been wondering if the Droid X would ever, ever be able to feature custom ROMs. Well, thanks to ridiculously talented developer Koush, we can safely say that the device is one giant leap closer.

Motorola Droid 2: Live Images and First Impressions

The Motorola Droid 2 is one of the most widely leaked devices in recent history, but that's not a bad thing. It built up plenty of anticipation for the device. Which can only go to help the sales of the true successor to the original Droid, which launched late last year, especially considering Verizon is taking a far quieter approach with the release of this device. Pre-orders kicked off today, and it will officially go on sale tomorrow at Verizon locations all over the country. But, we managed to get some hands-on time with the device yesterday, which turned into an impromptu photoshoot (which was taken with the Droid X).

Motorola Handing Out Free TouchDown Licenses

For the most part, the Droid X launched without much mishaps. There was a few reports of 3G connectivity going down at corporate stores and what not, but that's not surprising, considering how many new devices were trying to access the network at once. But, not everything is perfect. The device does suffer from some heinous connections to ActiveSync and Exchange servers. While your device may be getting the emails, you're probably not receiving any notifications (after the initial one, after the set-up process). Well, Motorola knows it's a problem, and they intend to fix it with the update to Android 2.2. But, for now, they have a different plan.

Motorola Fixing Low-Level Notification Sounds in Next Update

We know that Motorola is planning on fixing the ActiveSync/Exchange email issues with the Droid X software update that's scheduled to release some time in the early weeks of September. However, if you're also having some trouble with your notification volume level, don't freak out. You're not the only one having the issue, and apparently after Motorola checked into it, they've discovered that it is a real problem. Their solution? A software fix.

Verizon to Offer Droid Training on August 12th

This may or may not be any way related to the Droid 2 launching on August 12th. We haven't quite decided. There are a couple of ways to look at this, and it's a strong possibility that the simplest (and most unexciting way) is the logical one, but then again, we love to dig up as many rumors as we can, so why not head down the track with this little bit of news as well?
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