Droid X

Motorola Droid X Heading to India, Will Lose Droid X Branding

Rumor has it that the Droid X, manufactured by Motorola and currently available on the Verizon network in the United States, is heading to India. But, as anyone might expect, there's going to be a couple of changes before the device can land in retail shelves in that neck of the woods. Namely, it has everything to do with the name. Unfortunately, folks in India can't get the Droid X title, as that's Verizon's marketing.

Motorola Droid X Receiving Update to Android 2.2.1 in the Near Future?

For quite a few people out there, the update to Android 2.2 wasn't as silky smooth as Motorola probably had hoped it would be, so it's no surprise that Motorola would be pushing hard to get another update to the handsets out there in the wild, hoping to fix plenty of bugs that people report every day. If this new image is any indicator, then it looks like the update is coming soon.

Samsung Continuum Comparison Chart Breaks Cover

We know that one of your favorite things out there is a comparison chart between an upcoming device, and some of the heavy hitters out there already available on the network. So, here we are with a new one featuring the Samsung Continuum, the device that's still missing from any kind of official Verizon announcement. But, we know the device exists, and now we see how it compares to some of the other devices available for Verizon.

Robotic Snowman Shows Off the Droid 2 and Droid X for Verizon [Video]

You're probably well aware of this, but we're just about ready to kick off the holiday shopping season. With that in mind, this new commercial, which is airing now on television, shouldn't be all that terrifying anymore. But, if you've got a natural fear of snowmen coming to life, you might want to shy away from this video, which is embedded after the break.

Unboxing and Overview of Powermat Wireless Charger for HTC EVO 4G

Welcome to the future, nice to have you back again! Powermat is a wireless charger, and that's awesome. It works for smartphone and other portable devices, and works by applying a custom battery door receiver, then placing that device on the Powermat pad. If you'll remember, this sort of thing has already existed in the original Palm Pre's Touchstone charging dock, but isn't quite to the greatness of mass application yet. You've just gotta get this one now, because, you know, how could anyone wait for such a lovely thang?

DX/D2 Overclocker brings simple Droid X and Droid 2 Overclocking to the Android Market

Early this week we saw the Droid 2 and Droid X get overclocked bringing insane speeds to the device. Many wanted to try this themselves however, it was not just an easy process. Requiring multiple steps all with the possibility of causing extreme damage, many users strayed away from the hack. Well now you can enjoy these super clocked speeds with little to no work. From the same app developers that brought us Easy Root, we now have available some minor overclocking with a few simple taps. DX/D2 Overclocker is available now in the Android Market for $.99 PR Code: [Download] [Via Droid-Life]

ProClip offers mounts, holders, and docks for Droid X

We all need a way to keep our smartphones like the Droid X secure in the car while we drive. The last thing you want to do is have to take your eyes off the road to dig around for a phone that fell into the floor of your car while driving. ProClip is a company that makes some very cool products for cars like mounts that are vehicle specific and holders for specific smartphones.
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