Motorola RAZR gets redesigned for China markets

What do we have here, is this the DROID X3 or just another variant of the newly announced DROID RAZR? We know the DROID RAZR is for the US and Verizon and Motorola was planning just a Motorola RAZR for international markets but here we have a completely redesigned model from the images that were just leaked. Obviously it shares a very similar design with the Kevlar rear and extremely thin 7.1mm body, but clearly things are a bit different here, see for yourself after the break.

Motorola RAZR comes to Rogers on November 4th

An internal document from Canadian carrier Rogers says that the Motorola RAZR, the international model of Verizon's DROID RAZR, will be coming to the Great White North this Friday, November 4th. Significantly, that's a week earlier than the November 10th date that Verizon has set to ship DROID RAZR phones to United States customers who pre-ordered. Also headed for Rogers is the Galaxy S Glide, a QWERTY slider that's already been revealed.

Motorola DROID RAZR costs $649 off-contract

Eager to get your hands on the DROID RAZR's sexy hardware without tying yourself down with a two-year contract? Nobody said being a free spirit was cheap: the phone will cost $649.99 from Verizon without a new contract or renewal. The news was broken by Droid-Life, who got a look at the DROID RAZR's listing in Verizon's internal device database. All things considered, that's about what we expected for the DROID RAZR. Over in the UK they'll be paying £454.80, or about $716 USD. It's still pretty darn expensive for a smartphone, but not stupendously so, when you consider that the cheapest iPhone 4S is the same price while offering a whole lot less in the hardware department. Kevlar beats glass, in case anyone was wondering. A qHD Super AMOLED screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4G LTE data speeds and a 7.7mm frame should make this a hard decision, even with the equally impressive Galaxy Nexus coming soon. The DROID RAZR's introductory price for those of us that toil under contractual obligation is $299.99, and pre-orders begin tomorrow, October 27th. The phone itself will ship "no later than" November 10th. The phone will sell internationally as the "Motorola RAZR", and in most major markets should be available around the same time. So what do you think - too expensive, a bargain or right on the money? Check out our hands-on of the Motorola DROID RAZR: Motorola DROID RAZR hands-on: [vms 9b2541ff53db39f407a9] [device id=1739]

DROID RAZR pre-orders start tomorrow, ship out November 10th

Done and done. Rumors of the Motorola DROID RAZR's November 10th launch date seem to be right on the money, as Verizon has updates its DROID DOES mailing list with the happy news. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, October 27th at 8 AM Eastern, and the note says that the phones themselves will begin shipping "no later than" the 10th of next month. No mention of retail availability was made, but you can bet that RAZRs will begin showing up in Verizon and partner stores shortly thereafter.

Motorola commits to Ice Cream Sandwich and unlocked bootloaders

Motorola got no end of grief when it made the decision to lock the bootloader on its latest flagship device, the DROID RAZR. Though we later learned that international versions of the phone would be user-unlockable, their current and past reliance on custom software and locked bootloaders has been a sore spot with the Android mod community for years. Moto has decided to come clean with a forward-facing new start, instructing curious users to two separate sites for unlocking and upgrading.

Motorola RAZR headed to AT&T, clears the FCC

We are seeing a few interesting things turn up from the FCC today, first some sort of Motorola tablet passed through, and now we are seeing a Motorola RAZR headed for AT&T. The Motorola DROID RAZR was announced last week headed for Verizon with 4G LTE and we've also heard a few non US carriers will also get a version of the RAZR as soon as November 1st. Today what appears to be the same RAZR smartphone has just hit the FCC packing AT&T radios, that means the Verizon "DROID" wont be present in this bad boys name.

DROID RAZR arrives on Verizon’s DROID DOES site

Ah, DROIDDOES.com, what fond memories we have of you. The portal for the original influential DROID campaign is still the go-to destination for Verizon's high-end android phones, so it's altogether appropriate that the Motorola DROID RAZR find itself there. The new site offers a 3D view of the new phone showing off its slim profile, and not much else. Oh, an the Flash-only site is totally inaccessible to certain iDevices that shall remain nameless.

Non-US DROID RAZR phones will have unlockable bootloader

Here's some good news for prospective Motorola RAZR owners: the phone will have an unlockable bootloader. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to United States DROID RAZRs - Motorola is giving carriers the option to disable the unlock feature, and Verizon has jumped on the chance. Just to be clear, the phone is known as the DROID RAZR in the US and the Motorola RAZR elsewhere. Commence your cursing now, Verizon customers.
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