Motorola’s Droid Razr M rebranded as Luge for Verizon

If Verizon’s new smartphone offering, Luge by Motorola, sounds and looks familiar, well, it should be if you know your Motorola stuff. It is actually a rebranded Droid Razr M and is now being positioned as a big screen device powered by the carrier’s 4G/LTE network. It is being offered as a pre-paid no-contract handset with a $100 discount from its original price.

Motorola DROID RAZR Jelly Bean update leaks – get it here!

If you're the proud owner of the original Motorola DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX from Verizon Wireless we have some excellent news. Reports are flooding in that the 'official' update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is in the testing stages, and hopefully will be coming soon. However, lucky for you guys we already have the actual update file and you can get it right now. Details and instructions can be found below.

Motorola DROID RAZR Jelly Bean update in testing – coming soon

The update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the original Motorola DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has been somewhat of a mystery. After the company did an excellent job updating their RAZR HD and RAZR M, the original RAZR owners have been stuck waiting. Today however we have good news that the official beta (soak test) for the update has started, and hopefully it will be rolling out to all users soon.

Best Buy now selling a “Platinum” Droid RAZR M for Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless had the Droid RAZR M in black and white as well as the recently launched pink. And well, as of today it looks like the handset has come available in another color. The latest color model is called platinum and will not be found direct with the carrier. Instead, those interested in picking up a Droid RAZR M in this new color will have to make plans to shop with Best Buy.

Galaxy Nexus was just the start: Verizon “end of life” comes for many

Yesterday we found out about Verizon's plans to stop offering the original Galaxy Nexus, but things are far worse than we feared. It turns out Verizon is discontinuing a number of handsets, with the apparent goal of letting stock dry up over the next few months. Some of the handsets Verizon is discontinuing are a little on the old side these days, while others might be getting phased out in anticipation of a successor.
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