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HTC Droid Incredible and EVO 4G Source Codes Released by HTC

Over the last couple of weeks, other major manufacturers released the source code for some of their devices, too. Both Motorola and Samsung released the code for the Droid X and Galaxy S devices, respectively. Which will make plenty of developers out there happy. This time around, HTC have pulled the curtain off the source code for two of their most high-profile devices.

Motorola Droid and Droid X, HTC Incredible to Get Android 2.2 Beginning August 6th, Rumors Suggest

Right now, it's a pretty hard sale to say that any other wireless carrier in the United States has a better line-up of Android-based handsets than Verizon. With that being said, everyone's waiting for their high-end devices to get their software updated to Android 2.2. While there's been plenty of rumors, there's never not room for another one. So, here's your latest: Beginning August 6th, the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and HTC Incredible could all be seeing their Android upgraded with some frozen yogurt.

Motorola Droid X and HTC Incredible Pushed Back to August

One of the problems with having one of the most sought-after smartphones in the market, is the fact that the manufacturers tend to have a lot of problems keeping them in stock. It has actually been a pretty big problem since the beginning of the Summer, at least, and there doesn't look like there's a solution in the near future. While the Incredible's been out of "immediate satisfaction" categories since pretty much its inception into the market, there was a few people out there hoping that the Droid X wouldn't fall into the same territory. That's not happening, though.

Droid Incredible Reportedly Getting Android 2.2 by Early August

Were you able to get your hands on a Droid Incredible? We sure hope so, because one of Verizon's best handsets is about to get better, if a ninja is speaking the truth. According to this particular ninja, it looks like the Incredible might actually be the first in line to get the Android 2.2 update.

Droid Incredible OTA Upgrade Finding Its Way to Handsets

A couple of days ago, there were rumors about an OTA update for the Droid Incredible, which would arrive on July 16th. There were plenty of people out there saying it was just a rumor and nothing more, but it looks like the naysayers have been silenced: the update is real.

Droid Incredible Available Through Amazon Right Now

As of the time of this writing, Amazon is still saying they've got some Droid Incredibles held up somewhere, just waiting to get purchased by some customer out there. But, just having the Droid Incredible for people to order isn't enough for Amazon, as is usual.

Verizon DROID Incredible 720p HD recording & 3G hotspot incoming?

Looks like the Verizon DROID Incredible isn't quite ready to be overshadowed by the incoming DROID X.  Over at AndroidForums, a user with a test Incredible has supposedly spotted a firmware update that adds 720p HD video recording and 3G WiFi hotspot functionality to the HTC-made smartphone. That certainly isn't available on the DROID Incredible presently, and HTC have been tight-lipped about the potential for their inclusion when asked previously.  No word on when - or indeed even if - the new firmware will get rolled out to general users.

Best Buy is Out of Stock on Droid X, No More Pre-Orders

The popularity of this amazing phone has reached it's limit. It has been 5 days since the pre-sale started and Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile already have a hard time to keep up with the pre-orders. Unbelievable! But what can you say. This phone has been a hit since it was announced.

Verizon offering HTC Droid Incredible pre-order customers $25 gift cards

A few tips have pointed that Verizon is handing out apology letters to those patiently waiting for the Droid Incredible after another delay. The news isn't very interesting but the one part of this we did find interesting was them handing out $25 gift cards with the letters as a "don't go" plead. The letter simply states they are expecting a delay and that your satisfaction is important to them, in the form of the gift card.

Pre-ordered Droid Incredible? Get a Motorola Droid X instead

Verizon has comes up with great ideas which lead them to better advantage with the current situation that they are facing. Since the Droid Incredible was announced, Verizon has difficulty put up with the pre-orders. People are requesting this marvelous smartphone like crazy. However, Verizon also carried Motorola Droid X. Verizon decided to allow customers to change their order from Droid Incredible to Motorola Droid X.
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