Droid Incredible 2

HTC confirms ICS for Thunderbolt, Desire S by end of August

HTC has announced a time frame for the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for many of its devices through Facebook. The company was responding to a flood of users asking when their particular device will be getting the ICS update, such as the Thunderbolt and Desire S. The time frame given for both of those devices was "by the end of August," so watch out HTC faithful, because it looks like you'll be getting Ice Cream Sandwich pretty quickly here.

Verizon sale cuts DROID 3, X2, Charge and Incredible 2 to just $9.99

You like Android phones. (Presumably, anyway - why else would you be here?) You like saving money. If you also like Verizon and don't mind missing out on the latest bells and whistles, you can score a pretty sweet deal on some of last year's DROID series phones. Between now and Monday, March 12th, you can get the Motorola DROID 3, Motorola DROID X2, HTC Droid Incredible 2 or the Samsung DROID Charge for just ten bucks, with a new two-year contract. There's also a DROID X2 phone and accessory pack with a car charger, holster and screen protector for "just" $49.99.

HTC Vigor Press Image Revealed

The much rumored HTC Vigor has finally popped its head out again for everyone to get a quick look. With no surprise here it looks a bit similar to most of the recent HTC offerings, although that isn't a bad thing as they have stellar build quality. This isn't the first time we've seen this 1.5 Ghz dual-core powered LTE rocking phone either. More details after the break.

DROID Incredible 2 Gingerbread Update IMMINENT

There's a brand new update out there right this very moment, officially, for those of you with the sweetest little HTC DROID on the market today, the Incredible 2. This update will, as Verizon says, provide several improvements for your device as well as upgrading to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Joy upon all joys! This adds to the ever-increasing stack of non-Froyo devices on the market today, growing quick!

Gingerbread RUU Packed for Rooted HTC Droid Incredible 2

If there's one thing an Android user loves, it's an update. Every update to an app, firmware, hardware, even updating your wallpaper is something like an addiction when you really get into it. Therefor when a news bit like Droid Incredible 2 gets full official Gingerbread build comes along, we flip out. That day is now - though it's a little less than official, if you know what I mean. What we've got going here is a Gingerbread RUU being leaked by MobileUnderground member Football. Justin Case of Android Police and xgunther got together and repacked that RUU and made it root-friendly.

Droid Incredible 2/S Achieve Permanent Root with S-Off

HTC has promised to unlock their bootloaders on future phones, which is awesome for sure. We have been left, however with several great phones that are still locked down. Luckily developers are working to free those phones that were locked down before the community talked some sense into HTC. Among those devices is the Incredible S, or Droid Incredible 2 in the States. A group of developers working on these and other recent HTC phones, have successfully used their AlphaRevX exploit on the Incredible 2/S.
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