Motorola Droid 3 Release Date July 14th at Best Buy

That is, if a photo of a screen as posted by DroidAttic is to be believed. No less reputable than any other in-store photo of a display, I suppose, yes? The site this information comes from is a rather simple Android blog that appears to get a lot of leaks in - just yesterday they apparently also got news from an inside source that said the DROID Bionic would be released in July. That lines up with our "find" of the Motorola tweet that said we'd be getting the Bionic "on time" and a suggested HTC event that's aimed at late June - but that's in England.

Motorola Droid Bionic Benchmarked, Shows Gingerbread and Dual-core OMAP4 CPU

Could the Motorola Droid Bionic be the first phone to launch on Verizon with both a dual-core processor and blazing fast 4G LTE on board? From the look of things as of late that might be just what you will all be getting come launch. We originally saw the Bionic at CES 2011 and then closely following it were delay after delay. Recently some benchmarks were leaked showing the Bionic running the qHD screen that has recently been confirmed but also sporting a TI OMAP 4 series CPU and the PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

Droid Bionic coming this summer in a new form factor

I mentioned about a week ago that word had surfaced that the Droid Bionic that had turned up at CES had been delayed. At the time, the only details we had to go on were that the Bionic was delayed for unspecified updates. At the time, Motorola gave us no indication of exactly what those modifications would be. Interestingly a new page has turned up on the Motorola website carrying the same CES reveal date, but the page is tweaked and shows what will be coming for the device when it lands.

Skype Video for Android ready & waiting on Verizon

Word on the street is that Skype has finished testing it's Video feature on Android handsets and is waiting for Verizon to distribute. The news came from a support reply to a query by Android user "Dmitri." The issue is that Verizon controls updating of Skype to phones on their network and as such, users have to had to wait patiently for it. Skype has a partnership with Verizon, so it makes sense that they wouldn't release it without Verizon's "check."

Motorola Droid Bionic is delayed

Motorola's Droid Bionic smartphone has been delayed long enough for Motorola to make some changes to the device according to the WSJ. The Bionic was originally set to hit the store shelves in Q2 of 2011 but that date has now been pushed. An exact launch date is unknown, but it is pegged for this summer.

Motorola Droid Bionic delayed, getting enhancements

Motorola has announced that the Droid Bionic will be delayed until summer in order to receive several "enhancements." Although there is little detail as to what the enhancements may involve, the decision was made after receiving several "compelling feedback" when the phone was showed at CES in Las Vegas in January. Rumors citing inside sources have been saying that Motorola was going to delay or even right out cancel the Droid Bionic due to technical issues, but Motrola denies that. If Motorola did cancel the Bionic, insiders say it will likely be replaced with the Targa, a high-end 4G phone which has an advanced 13 megapixel camera and will be out later in the year.

Droid Bionic Release Date SOON [Same for Droid 3, ATRIX Says Verizon]

Whilst traveling through our local strip mall today, we had a chance encounter with a Verizon employee, if you call walking straight up to a Verizon employee and asking a chance encounter, where we learned a few extra small details about three mothership Android phones that are on the 2011 horizon. First, and perhaps most important, the Droid Bionic was on the list for requesting. Upon asking the release date for said phone, the rep smiled knowingly* and said, "while we don't technically know, between you and me, soon."

Droid Bionic Release now Mid-April [Says Verizon]

We were just hanging out like hooligans at a Verizon store today when we decided to inquire about a particular phone on the horizon: the Motorola Droid Bionic. This is a phone with 512MB of RAM, a dual-core processor [UPDATE: NVIDIA Tegra 2!], and wouldn't you know it - 4G LTE speed. As it turns out, the folks at Verizon were more than willing to hand us over a bit of info on this phone, most of it we already knew, but let slip a rather important point of interest: the release date.

Droid Bionic Appears on Amazon for $149

Just as we saw the Motorola Atrix listed on Amazon for $149 last week, a new page for the upcoming DROID BIONIC has appeared on the site. Featuring the same, surprisingly low price-point of $149 it seems far too early for the device to make its debut on the online retailer.
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