Motorola Droid Bionic Hitting Best Buy Soon?

More Bionic news, we are now seeing the phone officially show up all around parts of Best Buy. From right on their website to a few magazine ads. It's safe to say it is coming soon but then we already knew that right? We've been hearing it for months and months. Best Buy's September buyers guide is all about the Droid Bionic and they have it front and center.

Motorola DROID Bionic appears in a few more Best Buy Ads

Anyone heard of this phone? It's called the DROID Bionic and I don't think I've seen much about this phone lately. Almost daily now we have seen a leak or a photo of some sort and it's to the point of almost irritation. Can Verizon just release this bad boy already? Today new pictures are popping up from multiple sources showing the Droid Bionic as "coming soon" in Best Buy ad magazines and more.

Motorola DROID Bionic showing off those 4G LTE Speeds Again

Just when we finally had a few days break from the ol Motorola Droid Bionic it jumps up on the radar teasing everyone yet again with another speedtest result on that blazing fast 4G LTE. Last week we saw what might have been a 4G speedtest result but with the image cropped we couldn't be certain it was 4G LTE and not Wifi. This new photo shows us clearly that the Bionic indeed is running on 4G and is blazing fast. I want one!

Motorola Droid Bionic Teasing Speedtest Results on 4G LTE?

I know we have seen our share of Droid Bionic pictures as of late, but this most recent photo might just reveal something even better. What we are seeing is a photo of the Droid Bionic running a speedtest.net benchmark and scoring pretty amazing results. While the image is cut off and we can't prove if this is 4G LTE or Wi-Fi -- don't forget that the Bionic is the first 4G LTE device to also have a dual-core processor and that might be helping out speeds tremendously.
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