Droid 3

Motorola Admiral, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, and HTC EVO Design 4G Leaked

It's that time again ladies and gentlemen, time to trust the word of a dude with a single black and white graphic. This particular graphic was passed to Engadget sometime in the night on August 8th, 2011, and points toward three new devices to be released on WiMAX in the very near future. The first of these is a very obvious version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, that being the Epic 4G Touch, the next being a next-gen HTC device by the name of HTC EVO Design 4G, the last being the only one of three to not tote the 4G tag, this one being the Motorola Admiral - a mystery device to be sure.

Motorola’s Brand New Android Camera Interface is The Bomb

Let me tell you about what Motorola has going on with their two latest devices, the DROID 3 and the PHOTON 4G. More specifically let me tell you in text what's going on with the PHOTON 4G because I've already recorded a video of what's going on with the camera on the DROID 3 [full review available here on Android Community] and you can see that below for yourself. Both cameras on these mobile devices are essentially the same, slight details moved around between the two but the same new elements in place. On the Photon 4G, which you can see a full review of early this morning both on Android Community and SlashGear, there are three pieces of new functionality, two of which are utterly awesome, that make its camera unique.

Motorola Droid 3 Review

Welcome to the next step in a legendary set of devices by the name of DROID, that is, the shortened version of Android, aka the greatest bit of marketing a business has ever done with the Google mobile OS. DROID is a Verizon-centric term, licensing it from George Lucas himself - does this DROID 3 live up to the name? You bet it does. It's a dual-core piece of magic with a slide-out keyboard that's second to none, made in the image of past Droids and topping them all with a smooth combination of hardware and software that's not to be missed.

Motorola Droid 3 in Verizon Stores Today

Just a courtesy reminder for all you big red users the Motorola Droid 3 is up for sale officially starting today July 14th and available in-store for your immediate pickup. If you've been waiting for a beastly dual-core device with a sweet keyboard this is the phone for you. Unless you were part of the lucky few that received the Droid 3 early.

Android Community Weekly : July 9, 2011

Another week of tech news has come and gone, and in this issue of Android Community Weekly we revisit some rather interesting posts! First off, it’s the 2011 first annual Android Community TABLETPALOOZA! In this first week, we’ll be giving away a free Acer Iconia Tab A500; a winner will be picked every Monday so be sure to sign up soon! Chris Burns was one of the first members of our staff to adopt the new social platform Google+ last week; we finally have our entire team up and running so be sure to add us to your circles!

UK won’t get Motorola Milestone 3 smartphone

Here in the US we get the Droid line of smartphones, but over in the UK Motorola offered the same phone as the Milestone. Android fans of the Droid in the US and other places will be able to get the Droid 3 smartphone that turned up in the leaked how-to videos earlier this month at some point. If you are a UK fans of the milestone line that was hoping to see the Milestone 3 as it would be called in your neck of the woods bad news has landed.

Motorola Droid Bionic Benchmarked, Shows Gingerbread and Dual-core OMAP4 CPU

Could the Motorola Droid Bionic be the first phone to launch on Verizon with both a dual-core processor and blazing fast 4G LTE on board? From the look of things as of late that might be just what you will all be getting come launch. We originally saw the Bionic at CES 2011 and then closely following it were delay after delay. Recently some benchmarks were leaked showing the Bionic running the qHD screen that has recently been confirmed but also sporting a TI OMAP 4 series CPU and the PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

Motorola Droid 3 Leaks again, 4.0″ screen and front facing camera

Well this is some interesting news, and a odd way to find it also. Apparently we have some new information about the Motorola Droid 3 we told you about in March. This news comes from globaldirectparts.com and they sell OEM parts for mobile devices. They have screen replacements for all types of devices. Usually the device has been announced, or released before they have parts listed so that makes this a little odd.

Droid Bionic Release Date SOON [Same for Droid 3, ATRIX Says Verizon]

Whilst traveling through our local strip mall today, we had a chance encounter with a Verizon employee, if you call walking straight up to a Verizon employee and asking a chance encounter, where we learned a few extra small details about three mothership Android phones that are on the 2011 horizon. First, and perhaps most important, the Droid Bionic was on the list for requesting. Upon asking the release date for said phone, the rep smiled knowingly* and said, "while we don't technically know, between you and me, soon."

Droid 3 Photos leaked, shows redesigned keyboard

Photos have leaked of what is reported to be the new Motorola Droid 3 sporting a redesigned keyboard. The slide up QWERTY has five rows, rather than the smaller 4 row design featured in the Droid 2. The buttons look fairly large for typing and it's an impressive outlay considering the phone shown looks fairly thin. There also looks to be HDMI and microUSB ports as well.
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