Ice Cream Sandwich Google+ 2.0 and new Google Music 4.0 Apps revealed [Download]

Today we've seen plenty news regarding the Samsung Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. It appears a few are out in the wild and the leaks are finally starting to flood in so prepare for a few crazy days. Obviously there will be tons of changes and new apps, features in Google's Ice Cream Sandwich but a few that are already leaking have just hit the wires. We have a new Google+ application, version 2.0, with a few changes, then a brand new Google Music app too. More details and download links below.

T-Mobile LG G2x Gingerbread Update Available Now, Just Not OTA

Reports are starting to stream in this morning that the G2x update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread appears to been leaked by LG. We are still not completely sure if this is the official version that will be rolling out OTA (over the air) in the next few days or if this was simply an accident. Over on the LG support forums an announcement for Gingerbread was made saying the update was available via LG's proprietary Mobile Software Update Tool.

Amazon Appstore Promises Security for Android Devs

All developers of applications on the Android platform hoping above all else to keep their applications secure might have a shining beacon of light coming in from Amazon's Appstore. With what they're calling Digital Rights Management, they're offering a soft of lock on any app you sell through Amazon Appstore that would require anyone who hopes to access an app to have installed and signed-in to the Amazon Appstore client as well as have verification from the user who original purchaser of the app in order to download. How is this different from what the Android Marketplace offers? Let's talk about it.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Wallpapers [FROM THE FORUMS]

Well now! It appears that an intrepid young man or lady from the Android Community discussion forums has come forth with a package for peace - what appears to be the entirety of Android 3.0 Honeycomb's stock wallpaper gallery. A whole group of 30 wallpapers for you to download for free and apply to your non-Honeycomb device are now up for grabs.

Nexus S Graphics Drivers for crespo Available for Download Today

Mister Jean-Baptiste Queru, a fellow who lives inside the Android Building, lets the world know today that the latest official graphics drivers for crespo (aka the Nexus S hardware) are available for free download from Google's servers. These drivers work with the Android platform source code named android-2.3.1_r1, and Queru reminds us all to be well read on the included license terms so that you do no anger the Google gods who have been so kind to us and are deserving of our gratitude. Bow down before them!

Motorola Droid Update to Android 2.2 Available Now

All righty, folks, it's that time. Just as Verizon had promised us, the Android 2.2 update for the original Motorola Droid has begun to make its way to devices. And, just as we would imagine, the direct download file has made its way to the Internet. So, if you've got your Droid ready to go, follow the break for the details.

Qik, Premium Features Outlined for the EVO

Not too long ago we found out Qik would be charging for “premium features”. This was an additional fee of $4.99 a month. Couple this fee with the 4G and hotspot fee and the EVO was becoming quite an expensive device to own. The good thing is this fee wasn’t mandatory, it just unlocked access to those unnamed premium features.
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