Google Play App policies updated with major changes

Today Google has made a rather large update to their Android Market now known as the Google Play Store. While many are reporting that they've taken steps to kill annoying in-app ads, that is only the beginning. Google's developer policy changes today are about more than just ads, it is a change in the app universe on Android -- for the better.

Google Play Store updated to v3.5.16 with fixes [Download]

Google has silently pushed another update out for the Android Market Google Play Store over the past day or so, and you'll want to get it if you've been having any issues lately. The last update was version 3.5.15 and brought tons of changes and new features. This update rolling out now is only minor and wont change things too much visually like the last update has.

HTC Sensation Android 4.0 ROM Leaks, teases Sense UI on ICS

While developers have been going crazy porting and working on ROM's for all devices to get a taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich today we have something even better. This appears to be a full Android 4.0 ROM for the Sensation XE that was leaked to the public. Developers have already ported this to the regular HTC Sensation and it seems to be working great. This also gives us our first glace at what to expect with HTC's Sense UI on Ice Cream Sandwich -- more of the same sadly.

Android Market apologizes for downtime: Free Apps

You may not have experienced it, but the Android Market (and even Google Wallet) had been down intermittently just yesterday and part of today. Apparently, Google's answer to solving many of the accidental cancellations was to simply offer "free access to all the apps you attempted to purchase" during their 10 Billion Downloads promotion. The Android Market has been celebrating with 10 cent app sales, and the titles were so hot that they had caused issues during checkout.

Beautiful Widgets passes 1 million paid downloads, celebrates with Google

Hopefully everyone is well aware of Google's latest news that the Android Market has surpassed 10 billion downloads. Today LevelUp Studios is celebrating something similar as the first paid app to pass 1 million downloads from the Android Market. I know things like Angry Birds comes to mind but it didn't launch originally on the Android Market and most of its downloads were on GetJar. The extremely popular weather and clock widget Beautiful Widgets is the first to 1 million downloads on Android and gets to claim the crown.

Android Market version 3.3.11 rolling out with new settings, and new icon [Download]

Whoa another update to the Android Market appears to be rolling out today. While many are still currently on the new 3.1.5 version Google is now pushing a much improved Android Market v3.3.11 to get us up to speed above the latest 3.2.0 that leaked from Ice Cream Sandwich. This appears to be the absolute newest market from Google although we are hearing it wont play nice with Honeycomb so flash at your own risk. We have tons of new options and settings and I'm really like the auto-update only over wifi option for those larger games that take forever. More details and download link after the break.
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