Sprint Launches ESPN Pack for Sprint ID Devices

Sprint has just announced the availability of the ESPN Pack for Sprint ID enabled handsets. Giving sports fans a way to stay current on all things ESPN, this new sprint pack brings access to ScoreCenter, Video, Mobile TV, and Fantasy Sports.

Firefox 4.0 Beta available now

Last week we heard word of the official rebranding of Fennec 2.0 to Firefox 4.0 to stay current with it’s desktop counterpart. Well now it’s officially in beta for Android. Firefox is built on the same technology platform as the desktop browser and is optimized in many ways for mobile browsing.

Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK Available Now

Qualcomm Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of it’s Augmented Reality SDK for use with Android smartphones. Available through QDevNet, Qualcomm’s online developer network, the SDK will allow such experiences as 3D gaming experiences on tabletops and interactive media experiences on product packaging and promotional items to be developed.

FourSquare gets 2.0 Update for Android Devices

Foursquare, the popular check-in based social networking app, has just been updated to 2.0 bringing in an array of new features. Among them is a newer, simplified UI. The new Foursquare app is geared directly towards collecting and communicating your real-world experiences. One change is the Tips and To-Do sections have now been split and access is easier for both ultimately making it easier for you to add Tips and To-Do’s. There also is a new “Add to My Foursquare” button that can be embedded on websites. If you see something online that you would like to do sometime, you can click the button and it will be added to your mobile To-Do list. The update is available now, for free, in the android market. QR code below: [caption id="attachment_14304" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Foursquare 2.0 Download"][/caption] [Via Foursquare Blog]

SwiftKey dominates Android’s paid downloads, reigning in as top keyboard

Swiftkey, the insanely popular artificial keyboard in the beta stage of development, has now been the top paid app in the Android Market for a week and counting. If you do not know what SwiftKey is, it is an artificial keyboard that learns your writing style and habits and uses them to be the most productive and efficient typing keyboard on the Android platform.

Shazam coming preloaded on all LG Android Phones

Shazam, the music identification application, and arguably the most accurate and popular among mobile devices, is coming preloaded on future LG phones. The first phone shipping with Shazam will be the LG Optimus GT540, this marks the first of the many after the signed deal between Shazam and LG.

Download Droid X 2.2.13 Froyo Upgrade (For rooted users, for now)

The next release of Froyo for the Motorola Droid X has been leaked to the internet with instructions to download to your rooted device. The download is relatively easy and documented with step by step instructions thanks to the forum users Andrew, CellZealot, and P3Droid over at MyDroidWorld who made this leak possible.

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