Motorola Droid X2 Gingerbread SBF Leaks

With the Motorola Droid X2 recently being updated to Gingerbread users might be a little cautious with flashing custom ROM's or anything else that may potentially cause issues for the phone. In case you don't know SBF files will save your handset and bring it back to stock life if you mess it up while tweaking or hacking it.

Nissan LEAF Official App for Android, Watch Your Battery

I guess I can't really say this app will help you save those precious MPG on your car, but that is because it doesn't need that stuff we so deeply depend on called Gasoline -- or oil. Recently Nissan released an Android app just for the Nissan LEAF. From initially checking it out I want the car just based on how awesome the app is.

Pogoplug Photo, Music, and Video Streaming App for Android Updated

Recently the Pogoplus app for Android received a large update that includes many new features and bug fixes. For those that don't know much about Pogoplus it's like Dropbox, or Google Music bundled into one. You can stream and share picture, movies, music and documents to everywhere from anywhere you'd like.

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper, Even the birds enjoy the sunshine!

I'm back today with another live wallpaper for everyone to enjoy. Today I'll be featuring Sun Rise Live Wallpaper. This is a simple and pretty sunrise scene that will look great on both your phone and any tablet. I always try to pick wallpapers that work on both and today is no different. With birds enjoying the sunrise to rainbows appearing this will stay put as your wallpaper for weeks.

HTC Sensation and EVO 3D Permanent S-OFF and Recovery Finally Here!

It's finally here, what everyone that has an EVO 3D or Sensation has been waiting for. To be able to achieve S-OFF, Root and get a recovery for your phone. It is now available for download but before I get into it I figured I'd hurry and share the news with the world. This is just breaking so bare with me.

Gmail Update for Android Brings Custom Notifications and Priority Sync Options

Leading the way with the latest update to Gmail for Android has to be the custom notifications and priority sync options. They've basically improved how we get notified for those like me that get tons of emails daily, and also are helping our battery life at the same time -- Thanks Google! What they've done is brought a decent list of a few much requested features in this latest and most beautiful update.

New Android Market 3.0.27 Rolling Out Now, Download it Here!

This is more of a reminder for those that missed the Android Market leak a few weeks ago. Google updated the Android Market with movie rentals and book rentals as well as a few other improvements. The user interface has almost completely changed and is more in-line to Honeycomb and what we should be seeing with Ice Cream Sandwich. Only problem is no one has got the OTA update that I've heard, but today it is hitting devices.
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