Android TV Coming from Vidtonic at CES as Build-Your-Own Kit

Check it out! Two mentions of Android TV in one day - coincidence? They look RATHER different, but the concept appears to be there - the one we're talking about here is made by Vidtonic and its an IPTV kit powered by Android and they say it'll be released at CES 2011 (just a handful of days from now!) This release is a hardware/software platform kit made for Android developers who'd like to bring their apps to the TV screen - sound like some future molding to you?

Nexus S DIY soft-touch battery cover mod is finger-friendly

If the glossy, fingerprint-collecting back panel of your new Nexus S is getting you down, you could always do worse than a DIY soft-touch alternative. xda-developers member mhaedo took matters into his own hands and used a few coats of Plasti Dip to make it more grip-friendly. After masking off the camera window and the NFC antenna, he gave it four coats inside and out (so as to avoid any peeling edges in future) and ended up with something debranded and a whole lot more tactile. Best thing is, it should simply peel off when you're tired of it, so you can sell the phone on afterwards. [gallery] [via TheGadgets]

Android Carved Into a Pumpkin

The month of October has flown by, for what it's worth, and now that we're almost to Halloween, which is less than two weeks away, there's going to be a few holiday surprises that pop up. One of the traditions of Halloween is to carve pumpkins. Usually, this entails some kind of simple design, but there's a few pumpkins out there that show off some real artistic quality. For example, the Android that was carved into a pumpkin.

Android-Robo Bluetooth-controlled ‘bot is useless but endearing [Video]

Unsurprisingly Android's robot theme leads to plenty of 'bot related mods and projects, and we're particularly keen on Hideyuki Takei and Reo Matsumura's Android-Robo.  Basically a motorized Android model that has flashing eyes, a rotating head and articulated arms - and that can make all manner of R2D2-style bleeps and gurgles - the 'bot can be remotely controlled over Bluetooth via your Android phone.
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