UDOO Android-powered mini PC board breaks cover

Android is a very popular operating system for DIY sorts looking to build their latest electronics project. Many these projects involve little developer boards that put all the hardware and other connectivity options and features you need into one small footprint. A new device has turned up that can run the Android operating system called the UDOO Mini PC.

Harness Android Open Accessory Protocol with Electric Sheep

If you are the sort that likes to tinker and come up with your own accessories and apps for your Android device electric Sheep will tickle your fancy. Electric Sheep comes from a company called SparkFun and can hook to your Android device using a USB port. The little Electric Sheep board takes advantage of Android's Open Accessory Protocol.

Google ADK DIY project shows music beta song meta data

If you had, your hands on the Google ADK board a week or so ahead of its official launch what would you do? Sit and stare gleefully at your gear or get down to business by making a cool device using the board to show off how easy the Google ADK board is to use? A DIY modder going by [yergacheffe] did in fact have the Google ADK board early and set about making something cool.

Ben Heck uses Android Open Accessory Development Kit to soothe fussy baby

When it comes to modding things, one of the more prolific and well known modders is Ben Heck. Heck gained fame modding game consoles into portable versions. He now has his own web show and has turned his modding skills to all sorts of uses. The latest DIY project Heck has got into was a viewer challenge to help create something that would soothe a fussy baby.

Dude builds his own RC Android mascot out of a trash can

I love geeky DIY projects and when they are robotic in nature I like them even more. This one is particularly cool because it's both a robot and a RC device and it happens to look like our pal the green Android mascot. The robot started out as a small trashcan that the builder painted green. You can see some photos of the build process in the gallery below and hit the source for a few more shots.

IOIO for Android detailed: Project samples from USB breakout board [Video]

We mentioned SparkFun's brilliant new IOIO for Android earlier this week, a USB I/O breakout board for Android smartphones which turns your handset into a super-Arduino of sorts. Now the brains behind the board, Ytai, has spilled the beans on the project, including some sample code and a handful of ideas that you can use IOIO to create. For instance, there's the Retroid, a smart alarm clock which can be told to make different ringing patterns and show various LEDs depending on incoming calls, messages and other events on the handset. Or the Visual Charger, a huge multi-segment LED power indicator which gives an at-a-glance idea of what percentage the smartphone's battery is at. [youtube 8sAvXCfEj3s] We prefer the Wall Printer, though, which uses seven Sharpie-style market pens hooked up to servos for an old-school printer effect controlled by an Android phone. Definitely worth considering if you're into Android and electronics; you can pre-order the IOIO for Android here, for $49.95. [youtube aYUMYyXBaF0] [via Twitter]

NOOKcolor Root for DIY in-Auto Awesomeness [Video]

Oh you didn't know that NOOKcolor had been rooted and taken far beyond its innocent book-reading beginnings? Oh it's been brought far, far beyond. In a video posted by juicedigital, a rooted version of the Barnes & Noble Android tablet is shown to not only be rocking pretty hard playing music, surfing the internet, and downloading apps from the Android Marketplace, it's essentially nearly got GPS map functionality and is changing the in-car life of this intrepid hacker / modder.

Crochet your own Android robot

I've never made any craft type stuff that required a needle and thread or yarn in this case. The extent of my sewing ability ends at putting a button back on a shirt. If you like crochet or would like to learn to crochet with a geeky project here it is.

Android Cooler for Google Flavored Drink Containment

So there's this guy named DaCavy75, and he has a notion. His amazing notion idea is to use his sweet industrial design skills (and craftsman skills, not to mention it, ) to create his very own gigantic Android. It's the size of a big kid! And not only that, it's a cooler. You can fill this up with beers. You can fill this up with caffeinated beverages for late-night programming. You can fill this up with cats!

Android TV DIY Kit Details: Cost, Difficulty Level, Release Date, Bricking, Google TV?

As you very well may have read a few days ago, a group called vidtonic will be showing off a built-it-yourself Android powered television at CES 2011. At the first announcement, not many details were given - that's all changing now. Jeff Cody of vidtonic posted a big Q and A list today listing several questions that were of course on everyone's minds when they first heard the term "Android TV" as well as a couple regarding the actual kit they'll be showing off. Would you like to know more?
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