Disneyland app now available on Android devices (US and Japan only)

You’ve planned the ultimate summer getaway for your family to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! But when you get there, you actually spend most of your time just lining up (from the entrance to get a ticket, to each and every ride you want to go on) and getting lost within the vast maze of the park. It took them a while to get here, but finally Disney has an Android app available, to help reduce some of those waiting time and to also help you navigate your way around the various parks in the US and Japan.

Get ready for the new Star Wars movie with new official app

We still have half a year to go until the much-awaited release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. But every new movie or merchandise related news has been met with a lot of interest and anticipation. Want to get even more excited? Disney has released a new app that can be your hub for anything about the galaxy far, far away, and it even includes a chance to get a selfie with your favorite Star Wars character.

Disney won’t allow selfie sticks into their theme parks anymore

This may be the best news you'll hear this week or the worst one, depending on how you feel about selfie sticks and Disney World. The self-proclaimed happiest place on earth announced over the weekend that they will start banning the monopods that have been used by folks over the world to make taking selfies easier. Yes, we know, they can be really annoying, but Disney may have some legitimate reasons for doing so, although fans of the selfie stick may not understand.

LG announces Disney-themed smartphone for Japan

How big of a Disney fan would you have to be to willingly go and buy a smartphone that is obviously patterned after the "mousey" brand? Well, apparently, in Japan, that's not even a question that needs to be asked. LG has announced they are coming out with a new line of Disney mobile phones that will be exclusive for Japan. Surprisingly though, the smartphone is unimaginatively called DM-01G, and for a brand that thrives on fantasy and dreams, clearly LG hasn't caught that particular bug yet.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 now available on Android

Admit it or not, most of your childhood must be all about Disney movies, stories, and characters. I bet you still haven't gotten over The Lion King's Circle of Life scene or that Under the Sea moment of Ariel and Sebastian. For this generation, there's the (now annoying) Frozen kids don't seem to get tired of. Earlier this month, the classic DuckTales game was remastered for this generation but for a high price of $9.99. And recently, Disney Infinity has released an update on the Tox Boy app.

DuckTales remastered for this generation and the child in you

Retro graphics and 8-bit style may be the currend trend in mobile gaming but nothing beats your old favorite coming to life. I mean those old games you used to play when you were a kid come back in the modern times in high-definition. (Think the Star Wars Trilogy being remastered) The latest item from your childhood introduced and now ready for your kids to enjoy is this: DuckTales.

Disney’s fun and safe game Club Penguin

Like all games, we can get addicted pretty quick. The concept/layout of a game keeps us coming back for more and that’s what Disney’s Club Penguin is doing for the kids. The game is for all ages but seems to gear much more towards kids. Think of it like a kids’ portal with a collection of games. Within these mini games you find yourself collecting virtual coins. You can personalize your penguin and keep it up to date with the latest fashion trend or decorate your igloo with the newest furniture.

Google Wallet to be accepted at Disneyland Orlando starting Dec 24

Families who are planning to go to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando this Christmas break will now have another option to pay for their tickets and souvenir items as they announced that Google Wallet will finally be accepted as a mode of payment starting December 24. This will also pave the way for the system to be applied to other Disney properties, but at a later date.

Go on a robot adventure with Big Hero 6 tie-up mobile game

The new Disney animated film Big Hero 6 is set to open on November 7, and of course just like any adventure-type movie now, it has to have a mobile game tie-in. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is set a year after the events of the movie, but don't worry, there are no spoilers here (or so we hope). This is a match 3 game, so it shouldn't be that complicated. But you probably should have seen the movie, or at least the trailer, to have some appreciation for the game.

Disney movies to come to all your Android devices soon

If you've already reached your saturation point for the ubiqutous animated movie about ice queens and talking snowmen, then you just might have to brace yourself again, if you have Android devices that your kids love to use. Walt Disney Studios and Google Play have inked a partnership so that Android users will have access to all Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies that they'd like to buy, wherever they want to view it.
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