digital music shutting down to make way for Turntable Live

When launched a few years back, it was an interesting service that filled a unique niche. Two years in, the team behind the service are shattering it. Between scale and trying to monetize, it simply wasn’t working for the Turntable team. Also, they have a new service they want to try and promote a little more.

Amazon joined by Apple in support of reselling digital content

Back in early-February we learned of an Amazon patent that would allow for the re-sale of digital goods. Specifically, the Amazon patent filing was calling for an “electronic marketplace for used digital objects.” Of course, those objects could be anything from audio and video to ebooks and maybe even apps. The key here, it now looks like this idea has gotten some additional support. Not necessarily direct support for Amazon, however support for the idea as a whole.

Spotify music streaming heads to Australia and New Zealand

The popular digital music streaming service Spotify that we love here at Android Community is headed to a few more countries. Starting today Spotify will be available in Australia and New Zealand for users to enjoy their wide array of over 16 million songs instantly on their Android phones, tablets, PC's and more.

Google Music Beta Introduces Magnifier, Giving Away Free Music

Since the launch of Google Music we haven't heard much and it still is currently in beta. Now Google aims to flex some of that music muscle because they have just launched a new blog called Magnifier. The music blog will not only have future Google Music updates but will also highlight new and upcoming artists, give away free music and be a place people can find new and upcoming music they'd never usually find.

Official: Spotify Coming to U.S. Tomorrow

Spotify is the extremely popular and award winning digital music service millions of Europeans use every day, and tomorrow morning Spotify is announcing it will be available for the U.S finally. We heard it was coming and they have a great Android app to go along with it, but this is official news and I am excited. My co-workers in Europe love spotify and use it daily.

7digital for Android, Now With MP3 Downloads

7digital has launched a new version of its Android App today, which allows you to download music to your device. Previously, you needed to download music on your computer, and then sync your device, but now you can purchase music directly from your Android, as well as accessing any tracks you previously purchased with no need to connect.

Android Market to Add Music, Movies, and Books [UPDATE: Books Already Active in Honeycomb]

Anyone with their eyeballs on the mobile market as a whole wont be too surprised at the tip we've just received on a few URLs hidden in the framework of the web-based Android Marketplace. As you may already know, you can now access the Android Market by heading over to - this version of the market allowing you to download apps directly to any number of devices you choose, all of this over the air. What you might NOT know is that there are several URLs currently functioning that point toward a potentially gigantic growth potential in the market in several new forms of media for Google.

PowerAMP music player for Android gets updated

We talked a bit about the PowerAMP music player app back in November when the beta hit the Android Market. PowerAMP is doing well and the company has announced that the app will pass two million Android trial installs this week. The company also claims that since December the app has been the number one in multimedia and has a top three spot in rankings for all non-game apps.
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