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IK Multimedia wants you to play the piano on your Android device

If you’re a digital musician, you have probably heard of IK Multimedia’s solutions for guitarists and their Android (or iOS) devices. They made the iRig, which interfaces your guitar with your smartphone or tablet device – either for recording, effects processing, or even performances. Now they’re coming up with solutions for piano and keyboard players as well, with the iGrand Piano and the iLectric Piano apps for your Android devices.

Ninja Jamm lets you create and share your own music remix

Geeks are not all about games and hacks and new gadgets to abuse. Sometimes, we can be creative and musical too. Well, I'm not sure about the music part but if you're a fan of Android, you know that there's always a way to do something in this platform. There's an app for almost everything. If you don't know how to play any instrument, you can easily download related apps and pretend that you can be a musician too.

LG brings Hi-Fi music to premium phones

What's the point of paying for a premium flagship phone when you can't take advantage of all its features? LG knows there is a great demand for great quality audio so it's introducing a new music service that promises high-fidelity music service. The Hi-Fi music service is available for premium smartphone owners via the the LG SmartWorld app.

Xbox Music app now known as ‘Microsoft Groove’

Microsoft's very own Xbox Music app for Android is getting a new name. Don't be surprised if you see 'Groove' everywhere because the software giant has made changes to some of its apps. Aside from the music app being rebranded, Xbox Video will now be known as 'Movies & TV'. The name 'Groove' may mean a lot of things but I'd like to think that it has something to do with establishing a habit or a routine. Music as a routine? Yep, Groove can help you with that.

Open Labs offers StageLight music creation software free for XDA members

If you’re into music creation and all that, and you’re looking to use the tech available around you to help you get to that Billboard Top 10 hit – ok, maybe an exaggeration, but you never know – you should seriously check out this offer from Open Labs. The developers are putting up their StageLight music creation app – around USD$10.00 value – free for members of the XDA forum.

BBC iPlayer Radio to allow offline listening, radio streaming

The BBC iPlayer Radio app has something in store for regular users beginning this week: you can now download BBC Proms and BBC radio programmes for offline listening for free up to 30 days on the app. BBC has finally allowed offline streaming, much to the delight of avid app users. BBC is updating the app with the added feature anytime this week so make sure you regularly check Google Play Store if the new version is ready to download.

Google rolls out free ad-supported version of Google Play Music

Google continues to push into the online streaming music space with its current vendor program-slash-offering Google Play Music. This competes directly with services like Spotify and Apple’s iTunes music store. To leverage itself, it has now created a free to use, free to download, ad-supported version of Google Play Music, much like how people use Spotify for free.

LINE launches streaming music service in Japan

Japan may be the second-biggest music market in the world, but the industry is vastly different as it is still compact discs that account for more than half of their music sales. The country's largest social network, LINE, will now aim to go where others have not gone before (at least in Japan): digital music streaming services. LINE Music is now available for a monthly subscription, offering unlimited access to millions of songs in their library.

Apple Music coming to Android this fall

After the Google I/O Developer Conference, geeks have the WWDC 2015 to keep them busy. While the two events have two different markets, we're happy to announce that Apple and Google are finally working together by allowing some products and services to work on the other platform. Take for example this Apple Music. The new service won't be available only for the iPhones but will also work on Android devices.
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