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Survivor Tools helps trekkers,travellers,outdoor enthusiasts

Even nature enthusiasts are allowed to go digital sometime. While true-blue survivalists might balk at using their smartphone to get out of a sticky situation, if you’re just new to this whole outdoor exploration thing, then you’d find comfort in the fact that there’s an app to help you when you get lost or when you’re bitten by an unknown insect. The Survivor Tools app in Beta mode will become your best friend as you trek through that figurative (or literal) jungle out there.

Samsung Galaxy S now Available in Germany

This phone is making its way around the world, this time it lands in Germany. If you live in Germany you can now preorder the Samsung Galaxy S. this is without a doubt one of the best Android devices to be released in the near future.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Can Be Yours on June 10th

If you stay in the UK or any neighboring country that this will ship to, you need to be all over this. now has the Samsung Galaxy S for sale, this device will cost you £449 and will be in your hands on June 10th or sometime around then. And there will be no extra charge for shipping.

Verizon and the Saygus VPhone with Skype?

It seem Verizon wants to hit the ground running after the recent announcement of a partnership with Skype. There has been reports that the two are in the process of making a VOIP capable phone. This leads us to the Saygus VPhone. This phone is capable is video chat as well as VOIP.