HP going open source with WebOS

This isn't technically an Android story, but we know there's lots of Palm Pre and HP Touchpad users out there in the reading audience. After months of indecision over the future of WebOS, HP has decided to release open source code for the operating system, allowing anyone from hobbyists to manufacturers to create versions of WebOS for different devices. There won't be any more hardware from HP featuring WebOS, at least not in the immediate future.

PandaBoard ES updates with new OMAP 4460 processor

There aren't many in PandaBoard's target market, but those that are find the gadget extremely useful. PandaBoard is a development system, basically the bare minimum parts required to run an ARM-based operating system like Android, while accepting inputs, displaying output and making network connections. The manufacturer has upgraded its developer-friendly device with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor in its new PandaBoard ES model.

Android Design Preview tool mirrors PC screens for live previews

Here's a fun hack that should be useful for Android developers and designers, and at least interesting for the rest of us. If you're designer who's working on high-quality mock ups for a new app, seeing how they look on your actual device is a bit of a hassle - you've got to save the files, copy them over to the device, try it out, then make changes and repeat. The Android Design Preview tool takes all those steps out by allowing your phone to see a one-to-one pixel representation of your computer screen.

ARM Development Studio 5 toolkit launches to public

ARM has released an update to their development toolkit that claims an increase in Java performance by up to four times. Yes, this software is free and DS-5 CE (Community Edition) and some major enhancements from the previous version. The main difference is the including of ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer; this little tool helps developers keep an eye on how efficient their code is as it's executed, what more could a dev ask for?

Apkudo helps devs test apps to be sure they work on multiple devices

One of the biggest challenges for app developers on platforms like Android where there are multiple smartphones and all those smartphones tend to have different hardware is fragmentation. Just because the app the develop runs on one Android smartphone doesn't mean it will run on all of them. Some devs have found that out the hard way, as have Android users when they try and use the app. Apkudo is a new testing platform that devs might find interesting.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich SDK is available today

Consumers might not be getting their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus until November, but developers can prepare for the new Ice Cream Sandwich right now. Google has posted the software development kit on the Android website for anyone and everyone to begin using. For non-developers, this means that as soon as you get a Galaxy Nexus or another Ice Cream Sandwich phone, apps that take advantage of the new OS features should be available.

Google I/O 2012 dates announced

The biggest Google event of the year, Google's I/O developer conference has just been announced for 2012. It will be held on April 24-25th and will most likely be just as amazingly awesome as the last. Hopefully this time around we get a bigger stage because tickets sold out in less than an hour for I/O 2011. It will take place at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, California. Just in time for Easter you bet we'll be seeing plenty of hidden eggs and special treats from the G-men.

HTC recruiting event October 24th in Mountain View, looking to hire developers

Do you love Android and wish you could land a dream job developing for a company like HTC? Well this could be your chance. This month HTC is holding basically a job fair but they are calling it a developer recruiting event. On the 24th and 25th in Mountain View, CA the event will last 1 hour and HTC will be looking to fill various developer jobs in their Android and mobile teams. They want to meet and see some local talent and this could be the perfect opportunity for many of you developers out there.

Android Developers YouTube Channel Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich Launch

Well folks, would you look at this. The official Android Developers YouTube channel has now confirmed we will see Android 2.4 (or 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich detailed at the CTIA Samsung Unpacked event next week. While this isn't a big surprise seeing it from the official channel makes it even more official. We will be seeing the next Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich next week, and we'll be there live to bring you all the details.

Sony Ericsson supports developers, teams up with CyanogenMod

Earlier this week we briefly mentioned the highly popular CyanogenMod 7 would be coming to a wide array of Sony Ericsson smartphones thanks to a group effort by the devs of Cyanogen and FreeXperia, today we have now learned we have one more to thank for the continued support -- Sony Ericsson. They've teamed with CM and FreeXperia and we have the details below.