Mobile Developer Report shows that devs think enterprise lead is a tossup between Android and iOS

The results of a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC have been published. The survey polled 2,012 Appcelerator Titanium developers from July 20-22 of this year on their perceptions around mobile OS priorities, app development needs, and the move by Google and Apple to the cloud. The results of the survey found in part that Google+ and iCloud are helping Apple and Google accelerate their lead in mobile.

Motorola Droid 3 Headed to Canada as Motorola XT860 4G

The Motorola Droid 3 is finally available in stores starting today. The MOTODEV site also announced today that it will also be headed to Canada, known as the XT860 4G. Don't let the 4G term in there make you all that angry, it wont be the same 4G LTE as many Verizon phones but it will have 4G HSPA+ while the Verizon Droid 3 only has 3G, but that is another story altogether.

Adobe Offering 200,000 in Cash Prizes to Developers Using AIR

When Adobe AIr started showing up on Android everyone was excited to see what it would bring as far as rich applications and games. We have seen quite a bit but I honestly thought it would see more use. You can read more about Adobe AIR here. It has not had the most support latest and news regarding AIR has been few and far between, but this latest report should get developers rocking on Adobe AIR soon.

Developers Can Afford to Wait on iPhone and Develop for Android

The main co-founder of Android, Rich Miner has been talking about the developer side of Android as of late and it looks like over the past 6-8 months the amount of growth on the platform is giving him the confidence to say things like our above said title. As recent as 6 months ago he was quoted recommending that start-ups focus on the iPhone first and then move to Android, but things have changed.

Google I/O Keynote and Session videos now online

With tickets for Google I/O 2011 selling out in short order, Google made a lot of developers - and Android enthusiasts - feel better by promising to stream the bulk of the event online. Now, the search giant has put all those keynote and I/O session videos online. The opening keynotes for both days are probably going to be of most interest, with Google revealing Android Ice Cream Sandwich, its plans for Google TV and the new Music Beta. If you prefer to read not watch, you can check out all our I/O coverage using the I/O 2011 tag. Sessions, meanwhile, can be found here and include Android Market information, 3D rendering and API best-practices. Full details at Google I/O 2011 Day One Keynote: [youtube OxzucwjFEEs] Google I/O 2011 Day Two Keynote: [youtube MiYND_zvIc0]

BSQUARE Mobile Development Device packs 1.5GHz Snapdragon MSM8660 [Video]

BSQUARE and Qualcomm have got together and produced a new Mobile Development Device (MDP), this time based on the new 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660 chipset. An Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone intended to help developers test and optimize their apps for the new, asynchronous SoC, the MDP has a 3.61-inch touchscreen, 13-megapixel rear camera and 16GB of internal storage. There's also 1GB of RAM, a front-facing 1-megapixel camera, a microSD card slot, HDMI port, USB On-The-Go support and the usual mixture of WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. BSQUARE also preloads several system-monitoring apps, including Qualcomm's Adreno Profiler for optimizing 3D graphics performance and Trepn Profiler for optimizing app power consumption. Unfortunately this sort of platform doesn't come cheap, and the BSQUARE MDP is a lot more expensive than your average Android smartphone. It will go on sale from today, priced at $1,350. [youtube Nnn5bthvq7M] [via SlashGear]

Android developer momentum wanes claims new report

Android developer enthusiasm has "plateaued" according to the latest research by Appcelerator and IDC, with sluggish Honeycomb-based tablet sales and ongoing concerns regarding platform fragmentation cited as the key reasons. According to the two companies' April 2011 Mobile Developer Report, "developer momentum is shifting back toward Apple." Tablet interest is particularly precarious, with Honeycomb apparently yet to convince developers to create slate-specific titles. While 86-percent of iOS coders expressed interest in developing for the iPad, only 71-percent of Android developers said the same about Honeycomb-based tablets; similarly, only 44-percent were "very interested" in the Motorola XOOM and just 31-percent in the HTC Flyer. Nonetheless, despite the concerns, developers don't seem to be looking elsewhere. 62-percent say that they don't see how rival platforms could ever catch up to Android and iOS, while the numbers of those expressing interest in developing for Windows Phone or BlackBerry have in fact dropped. The January 2011 report had suggested that Google developer interest was growing, and that the platform would soon catch up to Apple's iOS. [via ReadWriteWeb]

Sony Ericsson Launches Channel on Android Market

Today it seems that Sony Ericsson has become the first manufacturer to launch their own channel on Google's Android Market. This channel is open now, and is dependent on which carrier you're on, but they say it'll be open to "most" Android users across the USA (and the world?) This feature will be replacing your "My Apps" section on the main bar (next to apps and games) moving, but not REmoving, that feature from the market. If you see the Sony Ericsson button in the market and want to instead head to My Apps, all you've got to do now is press your menu button to find it.

Google I/O Live: Free streaming of sell-out conference

Tickets for Google I/O 2011 sold out in less than an hour, a sure sign that there's plenty of interest in Google's developer ecosystem, and so the search giant has decided to throw open the virtual doors to the conference. Google I/O Live is, as the name suggests, live streaming from the Moscone Center where the event is being held, free of charge to access. There'll be cameras in the two largest session rooms covering the full 9am PST to 6pm PST keynotes on both full days of Google I/O, covering not only keynotes but Android and Chrome developer sessions too. Google is also aiming to get HD video available of any session not streamed up in under 24hrs. All the feeds will be captioned (including machine-translated foreign language support) and virtual participants will be able to ask questions and those with the most votes will get answered. Google I/O kicks off on May 10 2011, and Android Community will be there to bring back all the juicy details from the opening keynote.

Google TV User Experience Lead job wants TV app Tsar

Google is looking to recruit a new User Experience Lead for Google TV, who would take responsibility for guiding third-party software onto the Android-based STBs. Based at Mountain View, the new employee would be "asked to pioneer new possibilities for web-based and Android application experiences on the platform and establish the patterns and standards used to develop great interactive experiences on Google TV." The absence of apps has been a thorn in Google TV's side since the first products were released, limiting functionality to the preloaded software and whatever could be accessed online. Back in March, a Logitech exec suggested that the Android Market would be arriving "soon" though Google itself has given no public timescale beyond sometime in 2011. Google is believed to be looking to integrate the Google TV codebase with the Gingerbread codebase for phones and the Honeycomb codebase for tablets, into a single AOSP that would allow them to be significantly more nimble with overall updates. That is expected to be the basis of Ice Cream, the next Android release. [via SlashGear]