Sundar Pichai: Google I/O 2013 will return focus to the developers

With Google I/O just about ready to begin, naturally a big part of what we are going to be seeing over the next few days will be related to the conference. Before it begins though, Sundar Pichai has recently spoken to Wired and the discussion touched on everything from challenges to the dominance of Samsung, the merging of Chrome and Android and of course, Google I/O. Just to clarify though, it still doesn't look like the two Google operating systems are going to be merging anytime soon.

Custom ROM aims to bring Facebook Chat Heads to all

Last month the folks from Facebook had a pretty busy few weeks releasing Facebook Home, the HTC First phone, and of course their new Messenger application with tons of new features. The only thing we really liked from Facebook's new arsenal was their unified messenger system called Chat Heads. Little bobble heads on the edges of the display for seamless communication. Soon we'll be getting that, without Facebook.

Google I/O sessions released – only one keynote this year

Google has just released the schedule full of developer sessions for I/O. Over the past few years, Google's always exciting annual developer conference has featured two morning keynotes where they share all the exciting details. Announcements like Google Now last year, Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, and of course Google Glass. However, this year they will be unifying those keynotes into one main event on day 1, then focusing all their efforts on sessions for developers.

Laser Mountain devs show off Android-powered laser tag

I'd wager that you're probably familiar with laser tag even if you've never played it. At the Disrupt NY Hackathon developers from a company called Laser Mountain showed off a new laser tag system using Android smartphones as game servers. Those Android smartphones were attached to Nerf guns.

HTC One unlocked and developer editions delayed

HTC began accepting pre-orders for the Developer Edition of the One earlier in the month. Those originally began on April 5 and at that time, the estimated shipping date was shown to be April 19. Flash forward till today, which happens to be the 19th and it looks like users have begun receiving notices from HTC. The catch, these are not shipping notices.

Google places strict restrictions on Glass Explorer Edition developers

Developers planning on building applications to run on the Google Glass Explorer Edition headsets will face some rather strict limitations from Google. The limitations placed on the Glass developers are very strict when you consider how open Android is as a platform is on its own. Google is reserving the right to remotely strip out functionality from apps designed to run on the headset.
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