Laser Mountain devs show off Android-powered laser tag

I'd wager that you're probably familiar with laser tag even if you've never played it. At the Disrupt NY Hackathon developers from a company called Laser Mountain showed off a new laser tag system using Android smartphones as game servers. Those Android smartphones were attached to Nerf guns.

HTC One unlocked and developer editions delayed

HTC began accepting pre-orders for the Developer Edition of the One earlier in the month. Those originally began on April 5 and at that time, the estimated shipping date was shown to be April 19. Flash forward till today, which happens to be the 19th and it looks like users have begun receiving notices from HTC. The catch, these are not shipping notices.

Google places strict restrictions on Glass Explorer Edition developers

Developers planning on building applications to run on the Google Glass Explorer Edition headsets will face some rather strict limitations from Google. The limitations placed on the Glass developers are very strict when you consider how open Android is as a platform is on its own. Google is reserving the right to remotely strip out functionality from apps designed to run on the headset.

HTC One unlocked and developer editions shipping on April 23

HTC appears to be offering a few options for those who are considering picking up an unlocked One smartphone. Specifically, two options with the first being the Developer Edition and the second is simply an unlocked model. We have seen both of these before, however the good news as of today is they are once again available for pre-order.

HTC One source code released

HTC has begun releasing source code for the One smartphone. The one catch as of now is that the source code has only been made available for select variants of the HTC One. Specifically, HTC has released source code for the Vodafone UK and Vodafone France variants of the One. The code is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the files measure in at a bit under 100MB in size.

Google Glass shipping to developers within the next month

Just in time for the annual Google I/O developer event that will be taking place in late May, it appears that some lucky developers will have Google's prized Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Today at a Google Ventures event it was stated that the Explorer Edition Google Glass would begin shipping within the next month. Time to get excited and see what it can really do.
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