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OmniROM device roster grows by six

The Android world is definitely not lacking in custom ROMs but a few, like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, and AOKP, have risen to become the more popular ones. One new contender, OmniROM, is slowly but surely building up its army by adding six more smartphones to its list of supported devices.

Amazon clears the air on their AppStore Developer Agreement

There seems to have been a bit of confusion over details in the Amazon AppStore Developer Agreement. There was apparently two different versions, one in PDF and one in text, and the plaint text version was an old version from before last November. Amazon had altered the ADA then, to reflect a definition of list price in the store. That likely means the some lazy intern forgot the post the new text file and confusion reigned. It's now been fixed.

Google’s I/O Developer Conference Countdown Live

Are you aware of this year's Google I/O Developer Conference? Are you aware that it's coming up relatively quick, it being this May 10th and 11th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco? On top of that, do you know about BootCamp? Let's talk about this, because you're gonna freak out and have an awesome time. Google I/O is two days and thousands of developers deep, focusing on deep technical content, building the future web, mobile, and enterprise applications, and all of this with Google open source technologies.

Android Code NOT Copied, Florian Mueller Story Found Bunk

So have a look at the following, all you fearful for the future folks: the story we ran yesterday by the name of "Android Faces Massive Lawsuit at Hands of Oracle"? It's been found to be partially BS. Not the title, mind you, since Oracle is indeed still suing Android and Google, but the contents of that post, as researched by Florian Mueller and perpetuated by us, that part's been proven baseless by the Dev Connection, aka Ed Burnette of ZDNet. Take a peek at his findings and see what you think.

ClockworkMod Crew Warns of Bad 2.0 recoveries, Notes Official Release

So you're one of those people who not only can't get enough hacking of your out of the box devices, but you can't wait to get the official hacks as well! You are just nuts, I be you also decided to read the scripts for the Star Wars prequels before they came out in theaters. ClockworkMod scolds you! In a pair of tweets tweeted late last night, the crew warned everyone that downloading 3.0 recovery from anywhere other than ROM manager, you'll be working with a version that doesn't play well with ROM manager. Imagine that!

myTouch 3G Slide, Rooted!!!!

That may have taken longer than most have wanted but the myTouch 3G Slide has been rooted. Eugene373, a modder that has done some great work with the Cliq and Behold 2, has just rooted the Slide. You can find the instructions after the break.

Droid Incredible Has Been Rooted

One of the best things about owning an Android device is the ability to gain root access. Sometimes this is an easy process and other times it’s very hard. The Droid Incredible has been a tough nut to crack despite the fact that it is an HTC device and there are many great hackers in the developer community that primary work on modding HTC devices. Finally, the Droid Incredible has been rooted.

Short Video Of The myTouch 3G Slide

A new video has surfaced with the myTouch 3G Slide in action. This video doesn’t really get deep into to the phone functions but it does show a few key components of the device. Notice how smooth it is while swiping on the home screen, the widget response was smooth and fast as well. If you’re skeptical of purchasing this because of the 600MHZ CPU, you have nothing to worry about.

Official Twitter Client for Android

Not too long ago Twitter announced that they were working on an official app for Android. At that time no one knew when it was expected to hit the market. Well, today is the day, we didn’t have to wait long for this app to hit Android. You can download and get started on it now.