HTC study says beauty and functionality make users happy

It might sound so obvious, but some prefer to have some numbers to back it up, and that is exactly what a research commissioned by HTC provides. The scientific study has concluded that a well-designed object, which is not only functional but also beautiful, can reduce negative emotions considerably.

Holofication Nation mods teach popular apps how to look nice

Android might have the lion's share of the mobile device market but it is not without its fair share of warts. While Google has released design guidelines to help developers create beautiful apps, Google Play Store is plagued with inconsistent, unusable, and sometimes downright ugly apps. This is a situation that the Holofication Nation aims to rectify.

Todoist Next gives the popular todo app a makeover

Productivity utilities, especially on Android, are a dime a dozen but a few are able to rise to the top of the pile. Not content with being just another one of those, Todoist has announced its next big step forward, Todoist Next, making the app not only a pleasure to use but also a pleasure to see.

Android 4.4 design explained in-depth

If you’re into design, especially in regard to android OS design choices, tho one’s for you. The Android team has released a pretty comprehensive video about their design choices with Android 4.4. In it, you’ll see just what makes the UI tick, and gain a lot of insight on how the OS is put together.

The story behind Google’s design sense U-turn

The words "Google" and "design" are not usually two words you utter in the same breath without some sort of negation in between. But for the the past years Google has, slowly but surely, made strides in reinventing itself and its products, bringing it much closer to that aesthetic domain that has previously solely been Apple's purview.

LG G2 design shown off in behind the scenes video, tablet prototypes too

LG decided to take a rather different approach to the standard smartphone design with their new G2. Heading away from the usual look everyone is familiar with and throwing the buttons all on the back. It's daring and bold, and certainly not for everyone. However, we found it quite nice in our LG G2 Review. Today the company is giving us a detailed video and look at what went into designing the phone.
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