Google Street View Hands On Video Demo

The G1 offers a lot of location based services including the ability to see where your friends are. Similar to Buddy Beacon the G1 can help you locate others as well as broadcast your location, however it is not limited to those who are using a specific application. It is the same with all Android phones.

G1 pre-loaded goodies: Demo Video

The G1 comes pre-loaded with many useful applications including Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and IM. Sing in just once with you Google account and it will automatically synchronize all of your applications. You can even protect your data with a secure “lock pattern”. A drag down status bar that holds all of your notifications is extremely useful without getting in the way. This bar displays new text messages, email, calendar events, instant messages and more. When a text message comes in, the status bar will give a brief preview of the message. Contacts are easy to search through and locate. A few simple clicks and you can locate a contacts address on a map for directions. You can the location in satellite or street view as well, making it easier to visualize an unfamiliar location. Navigation is made easier with a built in accelerometer, giving a compass option to help - turn the phone, and the mapping automatically turns with you so you always know which way you're facing. [youtube][/youtube]

Android Firmware 1.0 found at CTIA: Video Demos

At CTIA Wireless 2008, Qualcomm had one phone on display that lacked significant signage. Turns out, the phone appeared to be running Android firmware version 1.0, which confirms some of our suspicions about release dates. So in order to walk away with some proof, we got some great footage of the OS in action. Full video walkthroughs of the browser, IM client, the game Quake and more follow.   The device used couldn't access a 3G signal and was not designed with Android in mind. But even in that worse case scenario with a D-pad and EDGE speeds, Android performed like a champ. It looked great on the VGA resolution screen and all the menus loaded super fast. And even though we couldn't load up the IM client, the browser flew. Based on the same tech as the desktop browser, Chrome, Google seems to have left a Flash plugin out of this mobile browser. At least for now. Check out the videos below and you'll see that Android is just about ready for the public. And we should be seeing it pretty soon. September 23 is a date we keep hearing and that may very well be the day the world learns about Android. Android Browser Demo Part I [youtube][/youtube] Android Browser Demo Part II [youtube][/youtube] Android IM Client First-Look [youtube][/youtube] Quake on Android Demo [youtube][/youtube] Calling an iPhone with an Android phone [youtube][/youtube] YouTube Interface on Android Lacks Flash [youtube][/youtube] Settings Menu for Firmware 1.0 [youtube][/youtube] [via SlashGear]
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