Notion Ink Adam’s Canvas Image Editing Program Demo [VIDEO]

Hooray for the continuation of Notion Ink's Adam tablet running some wild Android wackiness. Today there's a drawing and image editing app "Canvas." This is a slightly more entertaining application that's been show in the first few videos, both drawing and editing images - the video demo below just shows the drawing bit. Get pumped up because not only is there different brush types and a fabulous selection of other tools, there's LAYERS!

Notion Ink Demos Adam’s custom Mail’d App [Video]

Notion Ink has released another video demoing their much anticipated Adam tablet, this time it's their custom email client. The "Mail'd" app is said to be one of the fastest around and includes some useful features such as the ability to recall messages that you didn't mean to send.

Notion Ink Adam Demoed on Video

What we have all been waiting for regarding the Notion Ink Adam is finally here (besides the launch information and pre-order information, which, of course, came before we even saw a the device live) - the tablet has finally been demoed on video.

Maps 5.0 on the Nexus S Demoed by Google

Google has just posted a walkthrough of the new Maps 5.0 running on the Nexus S to its official YouTube page. The video gives a 2:30 minute look at the new Google Maps including the full 3D maps that it offers.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Video: Updates to Timescape, Social Phonebook, and more

The folks over at Sony Ericsson have been making some tiny (and yet major) improvements to the functionality of some of the cooler bits of the XPERIA X10. Below you'll see a video (and read some words that I've typed up incase you're not in a place where you can watch) of Sony Ericsson rep Rikard Skogberg showing off these finer points, ready to go on an XPERIA X10 he's got in hands. Really tiny updates, really helpful things. This is how all updating should go.

RockPlayerBase player, AVI, MKV, DIVX and RMVB for Android

Since Android was introduced, there have been many complaints about its lack of .avi and .divx playback. Since then there has been a few phones with .divx capabilities but there still was no player for the rest of us. The RockPlayerBase allows any Android 2.1 handset to playback XviD, DivX, Mkv and even RMVB files. .

Android 2.1 Moorestown powered by Intel

Intel had their new Atom processor on display at this year’s Computex, Engadget had a few representatives at the expo where they got some hands on time with multiple different Android devices. One of which is this handset powered by Intel first chip designed for Android. The prototype phone used in this demo was manufactured by a company called Aava.

Acer eBook: Qualcomm MSM7227 Android Tablet

Acer is at it again, just last week when their CEO demonstrated an Acer tablet another one emerges. In the past Acer has said they will not be entering the tablet market but it appears that decision has been overturned. This is the second leak in as many weeks of an Acer branded Android tablet.
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