$88 5-inch Android Tablet? – Video

Yes, it’s that time of day. Only time will tell if this does make it onto the market. This is a 5-inch Android tablet by Acorp. The representative did say it would be available next month.  It does look pretty good though and it should be affordable.

LG Optimus Is Now Rooted

There hasn’t been much coverage on this device since it’s not available here in the US. It may never make it over here but in Europe (mainly France) this is a very popular handset. It has been rooted by none other than Paul aka Modaco.

Dell Streak Has Been Rooted?

The answer is yes, it has been rooted. Paul, better known as Modaco, has done it again. Shortly after being released in the UK, he has managed to root the Streak in seemingly record time. This tablet was just released yesterday and it was rooted the same day. At least this time the product actually made into the market. He rooted a few handsets before they was even released to the public.

Dell Streak HDMI dock makes a cameo

Once the Dell Streak hits the streets this HDMI dock will surely be the hottest accessory everyone will pick up for their new toy. This dock will be able to perform all of the things we expect out of a traditional dock and a few extras. It should be available for purchase on the same day the streak is released.

Dell Streak for O2 Unboxed by SlashGear [Video]

Being excited about a piece of tech, or the next best thing in the gadget industry is pretty much normal for anyone. And one of the best ways to calm your beating heart is to watch an unboxing. And, let's face facts here, the best unboxing videos come from our friends over at SlashGear. Today's is no different, as we get a first-hand look at the upcoming Dell Streak, the 5-inch tablet running our beloved Android Operating System (OS).

Huawei S7 runs Android 2.1 and 1GHZ Snapdragon

Another day, another tablet, this time around we are treated to the S7 by Huawei. This is another tablet Engadget got a preview of at the years Computex. The S7 was shown boasting a 1GHz MSM8250 Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1.

Dell Streak on sale at O2 now

It's not only the EVO 4G hitting shelves today; O2's Dell Streak, the 5-inch Android MID, is also up for sale.  Priced from free if you're willing to sign a new contract (either for voice & data, or just for data) or £349 for the 16GB model contract-free, the Streak runs a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, has dualband 3G/UMTS and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera. There's also a front-facing camera for video calls, a microSD card slot for augmenting the onboard storage, and a copy of Android 1.6 complete with some of Dell's own customizations.  The company has promised an Android 2.2 Froyo update later in 2010.  Full pricing can be found here and our hands-on report here. O2 Dell Streak hands-on: [vms 6d4357324dd7e69f3cd1] [via SlashGear]

O2 announce Dell Streak contracts & prices

Carrier O2 UK has announced its pricing for the Dell Streak, which will go on sale tomorrow, Friday 4th June.  The Android MID will be priced from free, depending on tariff, and be available both with regular voice/data plans and, for those not interested in using it as a cellphone, with data-only plans. Both 16GB and 32GB versions of the Streak will be on offer.  The shortest contract is O2's 30-day "Simplicity" tariff, though you'll be paying £349 for the 16GB and £399 for the 32GB Streak for the privilege of such freedom.  Regular agreements are either 18- or 24-months, and you'll need to pay at least £35 on one of them to get the Streak "free".  Full details in the gallery below. [gallery] [via SlashGear]

Dell Streak $500 unlocked next month

The first of many Android MID’s from Dell will be available next month. For a small fee of $500 the Dell Streak can be yours and you will not be tied down to any carrier. By the end of next month you will be able to purchase this device directly from with no strings attached.
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