Dell Streak

O2 Dell Streak free on contract; £429 SIM-free

While we knew the Dell Streak was due to arrive in the UK on June 4th, until now we've not known exactly how much the Android MID will be.  Happily UK retailer The Carphone Warehouse has stepped up with some figures, confirming that the Streak will be available on carrier O2 from free with a new contract. That's assuming you're willing to commit for £25 per month (or £35 per month with unlimited data).  If you're more interested in buying SIM-free, the Streak will be £429 - the price of an entry-level iPad WiFi + 3G, incidentally.  It's worth noting that, while the iPad 3G has 3G access for the US and Europe, the Streak will only have European 3G. [via SlashGear] [vms 6d4357324dd7e69f3cd1]

Dell Streak Will Be Available For O2 UK on June 4th

Its official, the Dell Streak, formerly known as the Mini 5, will make its debut this June 4th on O2 in the UK. It will release sometime this summer here in the US, AT&T has long been rumored to be the carrier of this and many other Dell Android devices to come. O2 has a Dell Streak information page live now on their site.

O2 Dell Streak due June; Summer launch in US [Video]

Android tablets haven't exactly been in short supply, but it looks like we've had to wait for Dell in order for a unit you'd actually put down money for.  Availability for the Dell Streak - aka the Dell Mini 5 - has been confirmed, with the 5-inch Android MID dropping on O2 UK in early June and then in the US sometime this summer.

Dell Streaks Show up in Seattle for AT&T Testing

Ever wonder how mobile devices get tested on a particular wireless carrier? Take a good look at the image below then, and soak it in. While we're sure that this isn't the way every wireless carrier tests upcoming handsets, but it's definitely one of the more interesting methods. Especially the wood. It's got a Do-It-Yourself appeal to it, doesn't it?
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