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Unlocked Dell Streak now on sale direct from Dell

If you've been holding off buying an unlocked Dell Streak out of a sense of loyalty to Dell rather than AT&T, the day of credit card flexing is upon you. Dell is now offering the Streak direct, complete with Android 2.2 Froyo pre-loaded, priced at $549.99 with a bundled 16GB microSD card. Unfortunately, while a T-Mobile USA SIM will be recognized, and voice and EDGE data supported, the Streak still only supports AT&T 3G bands and so they're your only option in the US if you want high speed mobile data. Meanwhile it's still available for $299.99 with a new, two-year agreement from the carrier. [via StreakSmart]

White Dell Streak pictured as Best Buy exclusivity begins

Best Buy's exclusive white Dell Streak has been caught in the wild, with Jenn of StreakSmart rushing down to the store to pick up the new color variant. Ostensibly the same hardware as the black Streak already available in the US, the new model puts the hybrid MID/smartphone's 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and 5-inch WVGA display into a "smooth silvery-white" chassis with "a touch of shimmer to it." While you can reserve one online for in-store pickup - priced at $299.99 - it's not yes possible to order online for home delivery. Interestingly, it's only the back and side panels that have been changed; the front controls are still black.

Unlocked Dell Streak Hitting the US with Froyo

Waiting has been a commonplace among Android users. We are always waiting for our devices to be updated to the latest edition of our favorite operating system. Well it seems the same is true with purchasing devices, waiting (in some cases) is best. Within the coming weeks, will begin selling unlocked Streaks in the US with Froyo preinstalled. Current users of the Streak are getting their hands on the new software right now, but only if they own the unlocked version of the tablet. Currently there is no word on how much the US unlocked tablets will be, or which 3G bands they will be using. We should find out the final details of the product launch coming here in the next few weeks. [Via StreakSmart]

2nd-Gen Dell Streak “Opus One” due March 2011 with high-res screen & dual-core CPU?

Dell's second-generation Streak is on track for release in March 2011, according to details purportedly leaked from an internal presentation, and is currently being developed under the codename Opus One. According to StreakSmart's anonymous source, the Dell Opus One will keep the 5-inch screen size of the original Streak, but use a higher-resolution panel running at around 1280 x 800. It's also tipped to have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, perhaps from Qualcomm's new Snapdragon range. Strangely, "Opus One" was the internal codename Motorola gave the Android smartphone that eventually became the Motorola i1.

Samsung Fascinate, Xperia X10 in White and Dell Streak to Best Buy Oct 24

Best Buy’s getting in the mood for a wintery season ahead with the addition of Samsung's Fascinate and Ericsson's Xperia X10, both in white. Dell Streak is also coming to Best Buy soon, as all three devices will be available October 24. Best Buy has already begun taking pre orders for all three devices. All you need is $50 and you'll be added to the list to get your hands on one of these devices in eleven days.

Dell “commit” to Streak 2.2 update by end of 2010; no more Android 2.1 OTAs

Dell has reconfirmed its plans to push out an Android 2.2 ROM for the Dell Streak before the end of 2010, but with its free engineers all working on Froyo it doesn't mean there won't be any further Android 2.1 releases in the intervening period.  It also means that no further customers will get the Android 2.1 update as a pushed OTA update.
"Due to resources and commitments to get our global customers the 2.2/Froyo update by the end of the year, we will not be publishing another version of 2.1 nor will we be pushing out 2.1 to additional customers. I know many of you have requested that we publish specific dates for Android OS updates; however, because there are so many variables (some outside of our control), we cannot make a specific commitment other than we will be publishing 2.2 by the end of this year to all of our Dell Streak customers. I can tell you that our target date is NOT December 31st. In fact, the over-the-air update to 2.2 is target date is much sooner than that."
Dell aren't talking specific target dates, but do expect Froyo to be released "much sooner" than December 31st. [via Streak Smart]

Dell Streak Froyo Beta ROM available now

A Froyo ROM for the Dell Streak, currently in beta, is now available to download via a somewhat lengthy process. Everything is working, and there are a few bugs like the Streak randomly rebooting, or 3G data problems after switching off WiFi. However for a beta in the early stages of a Froyo ROM this is very impressive. The process is pretty detailed and lengthy and requires updating the baseband. Don’t be too concerned, this is all taken care of by a program made by Qualcomm so, in theory, it is safe. However, as with all rooting, nothing is 100% safe and you will need to try it at your own risk. You can check out the instructions for download over at Android @ Modaco

Dell Streak gets unofficial Froyo 2.2 ROM [Video]

Dell's Streak tablet has seen its Android 2.1 update - in certain regions, anyway - but how about Android 2.2 Froyo for the 5-inch slate?  It's not an official update, instead being a port of a vanilla CyanogenMod ROM that's been fettled by Stephen Hyde (aka DJ_Steve), but it's a way to get the latest version of Android on your Streak with no delay. There are a few hiccups with this particular build, including the occasional random reboot, and the installation process isn't exactly a walk in the park, but the end result is Froyo on the Streak and well in advance of any official Dell option.  Anyone brave enough to try it out? [youtube 4GNEsUrE2Hw] [via StreakSmart]
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