Nexus 4 shipping times delayed into 2013

Yesterday the folks from Mountain View put their LG Nexus 4 smartphone up for sale on the Google Play Store for the second time in two weeks, and it sold out pretty much just as fast as the first round. Google's new Nexus is either extremely popular and seeing an unaccounted for demand, or they need some serious work on their sales skills. The Play Store became almost unusable as Google warned users they still had stock, and to keep trying as it was experiencing a heavy load. Now lets talk shipping.

Google delays launch of Nexus Q, gives free Q to those who pre-ordered

Google has officially suspended the Nexus Q media streaming devices official launch. Not delayed as in it will be shipping later than expected, instead they've basically canceled it and will be making some changes. That is why they are stating it has been suspended. A brief email is going out to those who've pre-ordered and multiple reports have just hit our inbox.

Here’s why the Galaxy S III Pebble Blue was delayed

Samsung has confirmed their Pebble Blue Galaxy S III has been delayed with comments earlier today, basically stating that their high standards weren't met with the blue models, thus resulting in small delays and new versions being manufactured. Samsung hasn't mentioned any specific reason for the delay of their "newly invented" Pebble Blue color but it appears that we now know why.

Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue delayed

Don't get too worried folks. The Galaxy S III itself hasn't been delayed, but if you were planning on picking up the shiny Pebble Blue model instead of white you might be waiting an extra month or two. We are now hearing from multiple sources that the blue Galaxy S III has been delayed and Samsung will be pushing the white model until further notice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 may get redesign before release

We've already seen at least one major shift for the Galaxy Note 10.1, that being the addition of a quad-core Exynos processor. But according to The Verge, that may not be the only change that the stylus-packing tablet gets before it comes to market in June. Or not - Samsung said today that there's no firm release date for the Galaxy Note 10.1, leading to speculation that the hardware shown off at Mobile World Congress was very early indeed. While the Galaxy Tab 2 series should begin coming out at the end of the month, the Note 10.1 may have quite a bit of flux left in it's development cycle.

Samsung Galaxy S III launch delayed according to new rumors

Uh! The hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III quad-core superphone will not be announced or unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress 2012 according to latest rumors from The Verge. After initial reports lately including a few yesterday stating it would be announced in Spain for MWC 2012, we are now hearing that it has been delayed.
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