Motorola Milestone (DROID) brand new and unlocked for $189

We could call this a good deal right? The original Motorola DROID also known as the Milestone brings back some good ol Android memories for many. This device may be a dying breed with all the 4.0" screens and dual-core processors these days but if you love some original DROID and a keyboard this is a pretty solid deal and worth a quick shout if you ask me.

10 Billion Apps promo, day 8: HD Widgets, FlightTrack and Train Conductor 2 for 10¢

Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion rolls on for another day, delivering cheap premium apps to all the good boys and girls in the Android world. And all the bad ones, too - Google doesn't judge. The company started reducing a selection of paid apps to just ten cents last Tuesday, and will continue to do so through Thursday of this week. Today's highlights include HD Widgets, FlightTrack and Train Conductor 2.

Vizio 8″ VTAB Gingerbread tablet just $159 today only

In the usual fashion today we have another excellent deal for an Android tablet to share with our readers. We don't have Honeycomb on board but this tablet still has plenty going for it. Today Woot is offering the Vizio 8" VTAB Gingerbread tablet for a mere $159 complete with a folio case and just $5.00 shipping. That is over $170 less than retail although the unit does come refurbished.

10 Billion Apps promo, day 7: Super KO Boxing 2, Flight Control and Doodle Jump for 10¢

Google's celebration of 10 billion Android Market app downloads continues into its seventh day, with a catalog of heavily discounted games and entertainment apps. The Android creator is partnering with top developers on the Android Market to mark down paid apps to jut 10 cents / pence, focusing on the ever-popular game section. Today's deals include Super KO Boxing 2, Flight Control and Doodle Jump.

10 Billion Apps promo, day 6: BackStab HD, Captain America, and SimCity Deluxe for 10¢

Google's 10 Bilion Apps celebration rolls on to its sixth day, with another crop of 10¢ apps dominated by popular gaming titles. As the Android Market passed an astonishing 10 billion total app downloads, Google has partnered with the top developers in the Android world to price their apps at an impulse-buying 10 cents/pence, with ten featured apps every day until this coming Wednesday. Today's highlights include BackStab HD, Captain America, and SimCity Deluxe.

10 Billion Apps promo, day 5: The Sims, Age of Zombies, and SlideIt Keyboard for 10¢

Google's celebration of 10 Billion Android Market downloads marches on, and just like the last four days. there's plenty of vastly reduced premium apps on offer. Google's chosen some of the most loved apps on the Market and droped them to a ridiculous 10 cents/pence price. Today's highlights, spotted early by the keen-eyed folks over at Reddit, include The Sims 3, quirky shooter Age of Zombies and SlideIt Keyboard, AKA "I Can't Believe It's Not Swype."

10 Billion Apps promo, day 4: Need For Speed, Jelly Defense, Farm Frenzy for 10¢

If you haven't gotten your 10¢ apps from Google's 10 Billion Apps promo yesterday, do it now: the new batch of apps for day 4 is already discounted. Google is helping some of the top developers in the Android Market slash their prices on paid apps to just 10 cents/pence in celebration of 10 billion app downloads, and there's still ten days left in the promotion. Highlights for today include EA's Need For Speed: Shift and unique tower defense game Jelly Defense.

10 Billion App promo day 2: Read It Later, Fruit Ninja and Beautiful Widgets for 10¢ [UPDATE]

Google's 10 Billion App celebration is in full swing, and one Reddit user has found most of the second day's promotional apps already. In addition to apps from yesterday like Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and SwiftKey X, a new crop of apps for the second day includes favorites like Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, and Beautiful Widgets for just 10¢. The apps are already at their discounted prices, though they aren't showing up on the promotional banner yet.

Motorola Xoom 4G LTE for $199 and more from Verizon on Black Friday

I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more deals for Black Friday over the next few days so you'll all just have to wait until you see something worthy, then go big and get one. My local Best Buy had 5 tents already waiting yesterday -- talk about nuts. For those on Verizon or looking for a good deal they've just announced a few of their own and we have the details below.

T-Mobile “Magenta Saturday Sale” aims to beat Black Friday, All phones under $49

Go T-Mobile! Just announced today T-Mobile will help holiday shoppers escape the dark lines of Black Friday and scrambling crazy people by holding their own sale a bit earlier than you'd expect. Saturday, November 19th will be dubbed "Magenta Saturday" where T-Mob's will be offering all smartphones and many tablets for just $49 or less -- but as usual there are a few catches.
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