Learn electronics design with the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle [DEALS]

Build robots, sensors, and much more with skills you can take away from the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle. This bundle offers savings of 93% for a limited time at Android Community Deals. Raspberry Pi is a miniature and inexpensive computer that can be used in an almost limitless number of applications. You can use it to make all sorts of electronics projects such as robots, walkie-talkies, light sensors, toys, and more. You can even hook a Raspberry Pi up to a monitor and keyboard and use it as an ultra low cost personal computer.

Keep your data safe and save with a VPN subscription

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an easy way to safeguard your online data from hackers. When you use a VPN service, data you send via the web is encrypted and your identity hidden so you cannot fall victim to online criminals. Android Community Deals offers readers big savings on lifetime subscriptions to several VPN services.

Last call for choosing your own phablet reward [DEALS]

It isn't every day that you get the chance to fulfill your own destiny, but that is exactly what we're offering here. Of course, by "destiny" we mean your choice of a big Android smartphone. Choose from one of existing high end, high profile phablets, and even one upcoming model, and get the chance to receive for an absopositively low price of free. Welcome to Android Community Deals' Choose Your Own Android Phablet Giveaway, where we try to make your dream of giant smartphones come true.

ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb lights up your world in colors

Jealous of those intelligent bulbs that you see advertised in tech shows or news? Want to have a smartbulb of your own without having to rob a bank? Get ready to put some color into your life, almost literally, with ilumi's LED smartbulb. Glowing in any color of your choosing, this smartphone controlled bulb can be the life of the party, set the mood for a romantic evening, or simply get your eyes and mind ready for bedtime. All for less than $50 a pop.

Save on one year of unlimited talk and text [DEALS]

Say goodbye to contracts and the associated headaches they bring with a smartphone and one year of unlimited talk and text from FreedomPop for 85% off at Android Community Deals. The Samsung Galaxy SIII & 1-Yr Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop deal offers a full year of unlimited talk and text, 500MB of LTE data per month, and premium services like Visual Voicemail, usage alerts, and more for far less than what you’d pay with the other guys. In fact, with this offer, you can save hundreds of dollars over the course of the full year.

Train to be a web dev pro for next to nothing [DEALS]

Get serious web development training for next to nothing with the Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle, available for a limited time only at Android Community Deals. The Web Hacker Bundle consists of seven courses and more than 73 hours of content that can teach anyone how to be a professional web developer. This bundle covers several in demand coding languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, MySQL, and much more so you will be able to meet the current needs of the industry. Best of all, you get to decide how much you want to pay for this treasure trove of knowledge.

Wifi Protector VPN safeguards your internet for life [DEALS]

Take the worry out of your web security concerns with a lifetime subscription to Wifi Protector VPN and save 83% at Android Community Deals for a limited time. Wifi Protector VPN masks your physical location, identity, and encrypts your data so it can’t be exploited by would be hackers and identity thieves. That means you can safely surf the web with the peace of mind that you will never fall victim to these cyber criminals.

Get your music on with these 2 Bluetooth headphones [DEALS]

Wires are so last year. From wireless keyboards to wireless charging to wireless headsets, we are bombarding the air with signals and waves to save us from strangling ourselves with messy cables. Bluetooth headsets and speakers are, of course, the favorite applications of wireless technology, offering comfort and freedom with very little compromise in audio quality. And today at Android Community Deals we have not one but two offers to meet your music listening, or even voice call, needs without the hassles of keeping wires in check.

ChargeIt! USB Wall Charger brings its own USB Cable [DEALS]

Let's face it. Even with all the portable power packs in your bag, there will come a time when you will inevitably reach out for a wall socket. When that day comes, you better be prepared. Not just with a wall charger that can juice up your mobile gadgets in a blink of an eye (OK, maybe a few dozen ones), but also with a cable that will bridge those two together. Forget those long, tangly USB cables that you either forget or lose. The ChargeIt! USB charger carries its own.
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