Stop hackers with Sticky Password Premium [DEALS]

Get quick and secure access to all your online accounts with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium, 50% off until this Saturday at Android Community Deals. Most people conduct a great deal of their daily business online. They bank, buy goods and services, and communicate with others around the globe. For each of these activities, users are required to log in to a website with a password which, for the sake of security, is becoming necessarily complex.

Learn game development for next to nothing [DEALS]

The video game industry accounts for several billion dollars in revenue every single year. Grab a piece of the action for yourself with the Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle, available for a limited time at Android Community Deals. The Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle is an economical way to get the training required to be a game development pro. The entire package consists of three e-learning bundles with a total of 15 courses, many hours of content, and dozens of lectures. The best part, though, is that you get to choose how much you pay for this training.

Bring your car to the mobile age with these top accessories [DEALS]

For some, their cars are more than just metallic transport systems. They are an extension of their lives. Coincidentally, that's also how some people describe their smartphones. So why not bridge the two worlds together? While the days of smartphone driven cars are still far away (or are they?) you can start the assimilation now using some accessories that will turn your car into a literally mobile home for your smartphone. And, like anything here on Android Community Deals, these are all offered with a sweet price discount.

Be your own YouTube star with the YouTube Mastery Bundle [DEALS]

It might seem that anyone with a webcam, or even just a smartphone cam, and an Internet connection can be a star these days. While that might be enough for a one-hit wonder, you will definitely need more than that to grow as well as maintain a loyal following. Where it's for personal entertainment, for business, or for personal business, you will not only need equipment but also skills to be a YouTube sensation, or at least have a steady online presence. Fortunately, the YouTube Mastery Bundle can tell you how.

Learn electronics design with the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle [DEALS]

Build robots, sensors, and much more with skills you can take away from the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle. This bundle offers savings of 93% for a limited time at Android Community Deals. Raspberry Pi is a miniature and inexpensive computer that can be used in an almost limitless number of applications. You can use it to make all sorts of electronics projects such as robots, walkie-talkies, light sensors, toys, and more. You can even hook a Raspberry Pi up to a monitor and keyboard and use it as an ultra low cost personal computer.

Keep your data safe and save with a VPN subscription

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an easy way to safeguard your online data from hackers. When you use a VPN service, data you send via the web is encrypted and your identity hidden so you cannot fall victim to online criminals. Android Community Deals offers readers big savings on lifetime subscriptions to several VPN services.

Last call for choosing your own phablet reward [DEALS]

It isn't every day that you get the chance to fulfill your own destiny, but that is exactly what we're offering here. Of course, by "destiny" we mean your choice of a big Android smartphone. Choose from one of existing high end, high profile phablets, and even one upcoming model, and get the chance to receive for an absopositively low price of free. Welcome to Android Community Deals' Choose Your Own Android Phablet Giveaway, where we try to make your dream of giant smartphones come true.

ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb lights up your world in colors

Jealous of those intelligent bulbs that you see advertised in tech shows or news? Want to have a smartbulb of your own without having to rob a bank? Get ready to put some color into your life, almost literally, with ilumi's LED smartbulb. Glowing in any color of your choosing, this smartphone controlled bulb can be the life of the party, set the mood for a romantic evening, or simply get your eyes and mind ready for bedtime. All for less than $50 a pop.
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