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    Every big journey starts with a single step, and in the case of hardware hacking and DIY projects, that small step might just very well be a Raspberry Pi. Beloved for its simplicity and openness, not to mention the dirt cheap

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    Like we've said before, the cloud as opened up a myriad backup solutions that come in different packages, capacities, and lifetimes. Today we turn our gaze towards Backblaze who offers an unlimited space for your online files and

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    These days, almost everything resides in the cloud, from our photos to our files. Given their convenience and ubiquity, the cloud has also become a secondary, sometimes even a primary, data backup solution. For cases like these,

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    Under normal circumstances you’d need to pack your USB cable if you plan to charge your Android smartphone or tablet on the road. That means stuffing your cable in your bag, where it’ll get tangled and, inevitably, lost

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    Businesses create mountains of data. They collect it in the form of customer information, they generate their own sales numbers, expense data, and more. If a business could somehow analyze that data, they could put themselves in

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    Giveaways. That rare chance where you can, with Lady Luck on your side, get something worthwhile for relatively little effort. That is the chance that we're offering here with The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Giveaway, where you can

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  • MOS Cable Organizer uses magnetism to banish tangles

    Even with countless wireless technologies, cables continue to be the bane of modern day computing. From data cables to power cords, our lives become entangled in the sordid mess that are wires. There are, of course, a dozen

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    ZeroLemon is well known for making some of the most innovative battery packs available. They’re built to last and offer versatility that cannot be found in other models. This week readers can save big on quality ZeroLemon

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