Charge up to 4 USB devices at once with the Mpow [DEALS]

Most households today have multiple mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, point-and-shoot cameras, GPS systems, and more dominate the tech landscape and each requires a different charger with its own individual electrical configuration. With so many different chargers, it can be hard to keep track of them all and it’s more than just an inconvenience if you happen to lose one. Charge up to four USB powered devices at the same time with the compact Mpow 4-Port USB Wall Charger, 26% off for readers of Android Community.

Save 96% on in-depth MS Office training [DEALS]

There’s a lot of different jobs out there, but nearly all of them require applicants to know how to use Microsoft Office. Whether they are looking for someone who can put together a great email using Outlook, or an attention grabbing presentation with PowerPoint, or a financial spreadsheet with Excel, MS Office has the tools that employers need and want from their workers. Impress your new prospective boss with the skills you’ll learn when you purchase the Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle, 96% off at Android Community Deals.

Last chance to enter The Double Nexus Giveaway II [DEALS]

If you missed out on our first Double Nexus Giveaway, here’s your chance for redemption. The Double Nexus Giveaway II offers the chance for one lucky person to take home a new Google Nexus 9 tablet and the popular Nexus 6 smartphone. It’s the ultimate mobile computing and communications package that will make the winner the envy of their family and friends. You could win an Android device prize package valued at $978 when you enter The Double Nexus Giveaway II, presented by Android Community Deals. This contest closes in mere hours so, if you want to be the winner, you better enter now.

Enjoy half a year of customized playlists with Pandora One [DEALS]

Streaming is all the rage these days, from Google to Apple and, of course, to Pandora. While many of these services offer a basic subscription free of charge, like free terrestrial radio, you have very little control over what songs play and, worse, over intrusive ads. And while subscription prices have gone down considerably thanks to tougher competition, It might still be a wee too much for those still wary of jumping head first. But thanks to this Pandora One: 6-month Subscription deal, you can listen to your heart's content at a fraction of the price.

Enjoy privacy on the Web for life with proXPN VPN [DEALS]

If you missed our half a dozen or more deals on VPN lifetime services, worry not. We will never tire of helping you secure your privacy and security online with more and more such offers. This round, we're getting a sweet deal from proXPN, who is offering a lifetime supply of peace of mind via their unlimited lifetime VPN subscription. proXPN's VPN has you covered, wherever you are and whatever device you're on, making sure no hacker, or government, will be privy to business that is yours alone.

Save 89% on SitePoint Premium Tech E-Learning subscription [DEALS]

Earn a promotion or start down a new career path with a one year subscription to SitePoint Premium Tech E-Learning and save 89% at Android Community Deals. SitePoint Premium Tech E-Learning provides cutting-edge training for web professionals including developers, designers and programmers. If you want your web infrastructure to be better able to handle the needs of your audience, then SitePoint Premium has the training you need to make it happen.

Save big on the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit [DEALS]

Discover how much fun you can have with the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit, 46% off for readers of Android Community. Arduinos are microcontrollers that make electronic design accessible and fun. They can be used in a limitless number of applications to make communications devices, sensors, toys and more. They’re a fantastic way to get an introduction to the world of electronics, and you don’t need to have a degree in electronics engineering in order to make sense of them.

Get acquainted with Android Marshmallow development [DEALS]

Get the skills to design apps that are optimized for latest iteration of Android with the Android Marshmallow Mobile Developer Course, 87% off at Android Community Deals. The newest version of the world’s most popular mobile computing platform, Android, has finally hit the streets. Known affectionately as Marshmallow, Android 6.0 is an elegant operating system with more features than any version before it. Several devices have already received upgrades to this new version and it will be rolled out to many more devices in the weeks and months ahead.

Get the ball rolling with Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit [DEALS]

Ever fancied yourself to be a robot maker but never really had the resources, or the cash, to fulfill that dream? Have you tried to dip your toes in the waters of the robotics and maker world, only to be drowned by all the disparate parts and requirements? Well, now's your chance to make your dream come true with this Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit. Get started with the basics and make your way through more advanced topics. And all that you will need is included in the bundle.

SkyHub Cloud Unlimited backs you up to the cloud for life [DEALS]

These days it's no longer just enough to have some form of cloud storage. You'll need one that is reliable and secure while at the same time catering to the tons of data that you make available. SkyHub promises to deliver on all of that and more. By "more" we mean for the rest of your life, thanks to this SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup promo at Android Community Deals. Enjoy peace of mind, backing up your files to the cloud and accessing them anyway, no matter the size, all for a one-time fee.
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