[Deal] Motorola Xoom only $450 at Staples!

This might be one of those deals where you'd better hurry and call a few local Staples stores or quickly drive on down to one. Apparently they are offering $50 dollars off of the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet and the deal runs until July 9th. In case you aren't good at math that makes the Motorola Xoom only $450. This is the lowest I've seen the Xoom so if you've been waiting for a deal -- this is it.

Amazon and Target Sales: Infuse, Revolution, Atrix, Vortex, Fascinate

SO you're in the market for a device, yes? How about ANY of the following? They're all on sale and they're all under $100, several of them free - all of them on contract. What you've got on one hand is a couple of devices at Target. First there's the Verizon LG Vortex - a mid-tier that's $399.99 off-contract with a 3.2-inch screen, Android 2.2, and a 600 MHz processor - it's FREE on a two year contract. Next there's the Verizon Samsung Fascinate, costing $699.99 unactivated, having a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 2.1, and a Cortex A8 1GHz Hummingbird processor - it's also FREE with a two-year contract.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 deal at Best Buy

Best Buy is featuring the Acer Iconia Tab A500 in their weekly sales circular and at a pretty good price, too. The Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet is on sale for just under $450, cheaper than Motorola's XOOM, which is selling for around $600, WiFi only. It's also available now at that price, while the slightly cheaper EeePad Transformer (at $400) won't be out for another few weeks. And with our earlier report that users can root the Iconia (with a step by step guide included), the time is ripe to ask the question ... why wait?

HTC Thunderbolt $199 with contract from Wirefly

Wirefly is offering the HTC Thunderbolt on pre-order for $199 on a two year contract through Verizon. Verizon recently announced the price as $249 on contract, so users can save themselves a "Grant" by going through the online retailer. And knowing that fans are chomping at the bit to get this troubled 4G/LTE phone, Wirefly is even throwing in free shipping via FedEx so they can get it in a hurry. In addition, Wirefly tosses in their standard Mobile backup free for life service and a 30 day pre-order price guarantee in case the price slips even more.

Droid X bundle was Verizon’s exclusive deal today

Verizon is currently running a campaign that lasts for the 24 days leading up to christmas. Each day, Verizon unveils a new surprise deal sometimes being a bundle package, while others being a free phone on a new 2 year activation plan. Today's deal happened to be the Droid X.

Grab the Droid X for $99 at Costco

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet and are looking for a top notch Android Smartphone, your opportunity has come with. Costco currently has the DROID X by Motorola for only $99 compared to the normal $199.

T-Mobile G2 Only $99 from Amazon

Regardless of some recent controversy regarding the root issues, as well as build issues. But still, the G2 is one of the most impressive, full featured phones on the market. To make things even better, it’s only $99 from The offer extends to new T-Mobile customers and comes with, as always, a 2-year contract. The $99 even includes two-day shipping so you aren’t left without everything that is the G2 for long. You can check availability and make a purchase over at right now.

4 Free Phones At Best Buy Every Friday In October

Today at it’s Holiday Preview event in New York, Best Buy announced a bold phone selling strategy for the month of October. Beginning the first of October, Best Buy will be offering 4 phones, one for each carrier, free of charge. The phones will, of course, require a new two-year agreement.
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