Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger 2 arriving for Android today

Madfinger Games has been teasing the release of Dead Trigger 2 for quite some time now. Looking all the way back to January we saw a brief demo and mention of how it was the first Tegra 4 game. We ended up getting to spend a bit of time with a demo version of Dead Trigger 2 when it appeared on the, then called, Project SHIELD in March. And while we were not expecting the game to drop until late in 2013, it wasn't until September when that release date was finally confirmed.

Madfinger Games confirms Dead Trigger 2 Android release date

Coming out of the Tokyo Game Show, Madfinger Games has confirmed the release date for Dead Trigger 2. This of course, is the long-awaited follow-up to Dead Trigger which was released back in the summer of 2012. But perhaps more important here, the game will be available beginning on October 23rd. Madfinger Games will have the game available by way of the Play Store and it will be free-to-play.

Madfinger Games teases Tegra 4 features in Dead Trigger 2 video

We suspect there are more than a few waiting for the release of Dead Trigger 2 and while this isn't the first time we have seen details of the game, there is new trailer video that has recently been released. The trailer was released by Madfinger Games and it highlights the Tegra 4 specifics. And in addition to a brief look at what can be expected in terms of how the game will look, Madfinger Games has given a slightly more narrowed down release timeframe.
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