Verizon Directs Employees How to Handle End of Unlimited Data Plans

We've got our hands on a retailer email sent out to at least SOME locations across the US, we're assuming basically all, this email detailing the way Verizon employees are to handle customers asking about the unlimited plans ending and tiered data plans beginning. What you'll see is an epic story filled with drama, intrigue, and lots of big capital letters for EMPHASIS. Verizon isn't going to have any red on its hands when all this is said and done, $30 a month slayed and massacred for ever and ever amen.

Mobidia My Data Manager keeps tabs on your data use

If you are on a data plan with your Android smartphone or tablet that isn't unlimited, you can spend a huge amount of money on data streaming and not even realize it until the bill comes in. A new app has been announced called the Mobidia My Data Manager. The app allows the mobile subscriber to viewer their data use for the month as a whole and see where they are using the most data.

HTC ThunderBolt Simultaneous Data and Voice Over 3G Confirmed, Again

When we first heard that the HTC ThunderBolt would support simultaneous data and voice over 3G on Verizon's network, we were a little skeptical. Verizon has been known, and knocked, for their lack of support of this feature and for it to come up out of no where from hardware on a phone, it left many wondering how HTC managed to do this.

80 Percent of Verizon Phones sold are Android, BlackBerry devices in steep decline

What better way to see Android's cannibalization of RIM's BlackBerry than a graph of Verizon's smartphone sales over the 20 months? All Things Digital points to data compiled by ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman that visually details the decrease in BlackBerry sales as the market becomes more sophisticated and varied. According to the data, 80 percent of smartphone sales were Android devices in which 46 percent were DROID branded. RIM sure has a growing issue on its hands as new devices compete with the business space in mobile sales. [Via All Things Digital]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Initial Impressions

One of the biggest players in the upcoming 4G wars is Verizon. Although their entrance into the 4G market is a bit late, behind T-Mobile and Sprint, it's certainly not disappointing. We have got our hands on the LG VL600 LTE Modem and have put the LTE network through some speed tests as well did an unboxing of the device.

Bell launching Novatel Wireless U547 Data Stick, HSPA+ Speeds up to 42 Mbps

As the 4G wars heat up in the US, Bell Mobility is set to launch their Novatel Wireless U547 data stick in Canada on November 23rd. Bringing in real world speeds of 7-14Mbps and being able to work in the Toronto market which will boast up to 42Mbps, the Novatel U547 is the first HSPA+ device of its kind in Canada. The stick will cost $199.95 retail but there has been no word yet on if subsidizing will be available. There will also be a $10 per month charge if you want blazing fast speeds, users who do not pay the extra premium will have their devices topping off at 21Mbps. This is a good taste of how fast the T-Mobile 4G network will get as time progresses and we enter 2011. However, no word from T-Mobile has been said if they're planning on charging a premium to access faster speeds like Bell has done. [Via BGR]

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: November 18 2010

As we are left waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread, not much else in happening in the world of Android. Many devices are getting up to 2.2 before Gingerbread officially breaks on the scene such as the Galaxy S line in Canada next month. Today even marked the official launch of the Droid Pro on Verizon bringing in Blackberry fans a great Android-based alternative. Speaking of Verizon, their CEO informed the media that they may be charging for the 4G network based on the speed the user decides. Interesting stuff indeed, for the rest of the days stories hit up the links below!

US Wireless Data Traffic growing exponentially, Will top one Exabyte

Mobile data is new thing when it comes to purchasing a phone. Most want to always stay connected whether it be to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, DailyBooth or simply the news and other media sources on their mobile devices. This is clear once you check out the latest mobile network traffic graph for the US.
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