Daily Wrap Up

Android Community Nightly: December 10th, 2012

Hopefully not too many of you had the case of the Monday's today, because we all know how that feels. For those that did we're here to round up all the important news from today in Android and neatly present it below. With tons of 1080p HD smartphones leaking, Jelly Bean updates, and much much more read on to find out what happened today in the Android Community.

Android Community Nightly: December 7th, 2012

All you Android fans should be happy to know it was another fun-filled Friday complete will all sorts of gaming and update goodness. First off we'll dive right into Motorola's extensive list of upcoming updates, and the many that won't see updates. It appears the Motorola Atrix HD will be next up to receive some Jelly Bean. Then we had tons of exciting Samsung and gaming news so lets dig in below after the cut.

Android Community Nightly: December 6th, 2012

We Android fans had a pretty big day today, with some very noteworthy news stories hitting throughout. Apple and Samsung have gone back before Judge Lucy Koh to continue discussions about the trial that ended with a $1 billion fine for Samsung. Meanwhile, we saw a heavily redacted settlement statement from the Apple and HTC patent trial. Today was also a big day for Google, as it and Nik Software launched the Android version of Snapseed on the Google Play Store - an app that we reviewed later on in the day.

Android Community Nightly: December 4th, 2012

If you managed to miss all the news that happened in the world of Android today, don't worry because the Android Community Nightly has you covered. We'll round up everything from today that mattered most and neatly take care of your Android news addition. Today was a mild day full of Samsung news, and a few interesting updates from Google. Read on for the full days breakdown.

Android Community Nightly: December 3rd, 2012

December is finally here folks. It's time to get out the Christmas decorations, put lights on the tree, and hopefully we get a Christmas themed Android collectible sometime soon from those folks at Dead Zebra. Today is December 3rd and welcome to another edition of the Android Community Nightly. Below you'll find all the news and stuff that mattered to us most.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 26 2011

First you've gotta take the time to check out our unboxing of the Motorola Roadster. It's such a weird little thing, you're bound to fall in love. Next find your way to maximum profits with two posts about the Android Marketplace. Get your hands on the brand spanking new Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK for developers. Take a guess at which tablet device is coming up for ClockworkMod modification. Hypothesize with Epic Games on the future of Android and get your hands in the air because Kongregate is back in the store. All this and MORE on Android Community Daily Wrap Up!

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 19 2011

There's fire in our collective hearts as a rogue Motorola representative tells the Android developer community to buy elsewhere. We get all happy again though as there's a sweet little animation featuring nothing less than an Android Exploding an Apple Logo, then a video of a Nexus S equipped man getting crushed by a vending machine, and we get a super cute little Android Chinese God of Wealth in the mail. Rally against the rules as Kongregate and their 300 free games deal is dashed by Google, then wait at the door expectantly as Bejeweled 2 comes this week, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle come this Summer, and Nexus One receives Gingerbread SOON - they swear!

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 14 2011

Today was pretty epic. There's a crapstorm going down and it's right in the midst of Samsung and T-Mobile, but mostly Samsung. The Samsung Fascinate is the subject matter and the event is the no-show of an Android 2.2 Froyo update PLUS the telling by a supposed insider of how the Fascinate's update is being held back so that the new version can be sold better. Today there was a backlast! A The Class Action Lawsuit in the morning, a little bit later in the afternoon a #NeverAgain Twitter Campaign, and in the evening the inevitable Samsung Response. That enough to tide you over? I hope so, all we've got to get through to see the rest of the links is this lovely picture right here!
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