Cyber Monday

Amazon says ‘over half’ of us shopped via mobile this season, bought 426 items per second

Amazon’s latest press release reads like a litany of sugary good feelings. One million new Prime customers, super quick Mayday response times, and a widely increased media library for all this holiday season. If that’s not enough, the online shopping juggernaut claims that Cyber Monday saw them complete transactions for 426 items per second, or 36.8 million items total.

Moto X Cyber Monday inventory depleted in under 10 minutes

We suspect some will be less forgiving in terms of the issues that Motorola had on Cyber Monday, but judging from how quickly the Moto X coupon codes went last week and today -- it seems there was plenty of demand for a $349 Moto X. Well, $349 or $399 depending on whether you choose a 16GB or 32GB model. Anyway, the second day of the sale was today and just like last week, it ended within minutes.

Kindle Fire on sale for $129 for Cyber Monday

Black Friday may have come and gone, but the chances to get good deals for the holiday season is still here with Cyber Monday. Amazon is one of the leaders for saving money on Cyber Monday, and it is offering the Kindle Fire for only $129 on Cyber Monday. If you don't want the "Special Offer" subsidized model, it will cost $144, which is still a savings.
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