Moto G source software released, paving way for customization

The Moto G source codes have been released, letting you hack into Moto G’s Zion mainframe and end the rebellion. If you’re into development of custom kernels or other fun stuff for Motorola’s new mid-range monster, you are now free and clear to do so with the blessing of the mothership. While it seems a bit strange to be excited for mid-range customization, it could be a crucial step for both Motorola and Android.

Moto X custom order shipping slips to 8 days

When Google and Motorola announced the new Moto X smartphone and all the custom features many were extremely excited. Being able to customize a smartphone, have it built in the USA (Murica) and delivered to your door all in 4 days was their promise. Last week we confirmed the shipping times might be slightly delayed, due to demand, but will get to that 4-day mark soon.

Customized Moto X ship times “may vary” due to high demand

Today is Motorola day with the custom Moto X Maker website and the official launch of their new smartphone. It's readily available in AT&T stores nationwide, and you can snag one as we speak or head to their site and customize your own. Originally Motorola promised 4 day waits for the custom version, but last night a blog post might be warning of a delay, already.

Moto Maker Moto X unboxing and Skip accessory hands-on

The custom Moto X from AT&T and their limited-time exclusive Moto Maker site has just arrived, and it sure is pretty. Being able to fully customize the color, accents, and such is more exciting than we thought. As you all know, the custom site and AT&T Moto X went up today, and below you'll be able to check one of ours out in a quick unboxing as well as see that Skip accessory in action.

Moto X custom engravings no longer an option, for now

Well, we have a bit of bad news this afternoon for all of you who were anxious and excited to completely customize your new Moto X smartphone. As we know, the Moto X and customization options go live from AT&T on the 23rd, but we're now hearing the engraving signature option has been scrapped just days before launch.
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