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Sony launches expanded Xperia Care services

Sony wants to bring solid technical and customer support to their users, and has rolled out some additions to their customer care and after-purchase services. It stems from the company’s stated vision of bringing more personalized support for their Xperia devices.

Google reportedly hiring for Nexus call center

Could Google be looking to hire Android experts to get ready for the launch of their next Nexus device? If this ad discovered by Geek is to be believed, it looks like they are using Randstand Staffing to bring in a team of Android experts to staff a new call center. If this happens, this should help make the customer experience of purchasing Google's next Nexus device much more enjoyable. This ad calls for Android "afficianados [sic]" who are friendly and outgoing for a helpdesk level 1 position. It never mentions Google by name, but it does call out a "confidential client" that “recently unveil [sic] a new Android tablet.” The job is described as being a full-time on a six month contract with the option to extend later. One thing you may notice in that last paragraph is that I had to use [sic] twice because of typos in the ad. That makes me question the validity of the ad a bit. That being said, sources close to the situation are reporting that call center could open by the end of October, so it sounds like they may just have an ad writer with less than perfect spelling skills. The Nexus 7 tablet certainly annoyed some buyers with Google only offering two weeks of phone service. After that problems were sent to the ASUS, the device manufacture. We shall keep our eyes on this potential call center and let you know when hear something official. [via SlashGear]

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongles shipping now

Last week ASUS opened up a registration page for owners of the Eee Pad Transformer Pad who were dissatisfied with the all-metal tablet's GPS reception, promising to send them an external GPS dongle to fix the issue. The first of those dongles (or as ASUS calls them, the "TF201 GPS Extension Kit") are now reaching owners' homes. If you havent's ordered one, you can register your Transformer Prime and apply for a free dongle at the ASUS support site.

ASUS opens registration for Transformer Prime GPS dongle

If you're an owner of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, listen up: you're automatically eligible for a free GPS dongle to alleviate some less-than-stellar satellite reception. ASUS has just opened their registration page with instructions on the four-step process to claim your free hardware. The GPS dongle (which ASUS is calling the "external GPS extension kit") fits into the Transformer Prime's docking port and comes in a dark or light color to match your tablet.

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongle pictured

We're going to need need a bigger dock. After months of complaints of low GPS reception on ASUS' flagship Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet, the company has committed to sending out free GPS dongles for affected customers. Land of Droid managed to grab a photo of the purported dongle, and, well... it's more of an antenna. And assuming that this is indeed the final hardware, it's very, very big. From the fuzzy pictures provided it looks like the dongle  is about the same size as the locking mechanism on the Transformer Prime's keyboard dock.

HTC offers “immediate fix” for One S chipping issues

Remember that highly-touted Micro Arc Oxidation metal finishing technique that HTC went to such great pains to note when they revealed the One series? A few early owners of the One S in Europe noticed that it apparently needed a little more arc, or oxidation, or possibly micro, because on some models it's begun to chip around the impact-prone edges. After some complaints from customers who didn't appreciate their brand new smartphone looked like it had gone three rounds with a pocket full of change and keys, HTC has responded positively, saying that they'll repair the hardware of any affected customers for free.

ASUS confirms GPS dongles for Transformer Prime owners

Yesterday we posted scattered reports coming from members of ASUS' official support forums, indicating that the company was planning on releasing free GPS dongles called the "GPS Extension Kit" to combat the tablet's well-documented lack of signal. Now ASUS itself has told AllThingsD that indeed the program will go forward, with signups for the free extension beginning on April 16th (two Mondays from now). All owners of the Transformer Prime should be eligible for the free GPS dongle.

Verizon tops the US in customer service, says JD Power and Associates

Verizon let us know today that they came out on top in J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Customer Care Full Service Study, ranking the major cell phone providers in the United States based on surveys taken in the latter half of 2011. J.D. Power asked customers who had recently contacted their provider through the web, on the phone or in person, and Verizon received the greatest accolades among its users. The achievement is the second in a row for Big Red.

Verizon’s 3rd 4G outage this month ends, activation servers may be down now

Verizon Wireless customers have a lot to be angry at for the moment. The carrier posted on Twitter that the latest of its 4G outages is over, with the added message that 3G data and normal call functions weren't affected. The half-day interruption in service was the third in December ,and the problem is becoming an increasingly black eye on Verizon's reputation as "America's most reliable network". Add to that a new foible for Verizon: an increasingly irate comment thread at the carrier's support forum says that new phones aren't activating via Verizon's servers, something that's been echoed in our own comments section.
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