OnePlus One will be user customizable with StyleSwap Covers

OnePlus has revealed another piece of information regarding the One smartphone. This latest doesn't deal with the internal specs, but instead has us looking toward the exterior for customization options. Specifically towards the back of the device. Pete Lau, by way of the OnePlus website, has announced something called StyleSwap Covers.

Moto X custom order shipping slips to 8 days

When Google and Motorola announced the new Moto X smartphone and all the custom features many were extremely excited. Being able to customize a smartphone, have it built in the USA (Murica) and delivered to your door all in 4 days was their promise. Last week we confirmed the shipping times might be slightly delayed, due to demand, but will get to that 4-day mark soon.

Moto Maker opens for online orders, full retail Moto X for $579

The Moto X design studio simply named Moto Maker is nothing new, and you should all know plenty about it by now. Being able to completely customize your new AT&T Moto X smartphone. Well, until today you could only order a phone in select AT&T stores (on-contract) and then proceed to the design studio, but today it's open to the public and we also have full retail pricing.

Customized Moto X ship times “may vary” due to high demand

Today is Motorola day with the custom Moto X Maker website and the official launch of their new smartphone. It's readily available in AT&T stores nationwide, and you can snag one as we speak or head to their site and customize your own. Originally Motorola promised 4 day waits for the custom version, but last night a blog post might be warning of a delay, already.

Moto X custom engravings no longer an option, for now

Well, we have a bit of bad news this afternoon for all of you who were anxious and excited to completely customize your new Moto X smartphone. As we know, the Moto X and customization options go live from AT&T on the 23rd, but we're now hearing the engraving signature option has been scrapped just days before launch.

Moto X gets customized with new MotoMaker site, exclusive to AT&T

The brand new Moto X smartphone is official, and coming soon. While we won't be able to get our hands on the new device until late August, we've learned everything and then some at Motorola's event today in NYC. Just like countless leaks suggested, this phone will be completely customizable with 16 different colors. Customers will be able to design their own phones, this will all be free, but sadly it's an AT&T exclusive.
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